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MPro is the Classroom Management System using Bluetooth or Wifi to monitor, supervise and direct student learning (with iPad devices running "MPro Console" ...

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MPro is the Classroom Management System using Bluetooth or Wifi to monitor, supervise and direct student learning (with iPad devices running "MPro Console" - or now iPhone/ iPod touch devices running "Mathstrainers Pro"). The Core Data database stores pupil and class information persistently. Connecting to the class of pupils; send instructions to individual or group devices; send activities (internet-based where WiFi is available) that are instructional or assessment based; build up lessons of activities for individual or classroom dispatch; generate resources for activities from the device photo album or using the camera. Create individual and/or class reports that can be emailed instantly to interested parties showing individuals' progress in numeracy and with issued activities. Looking to unburden the workload of the classroom teacher and provide facilities for monitoring highly detailed student activity for assessment, correction, or reporting purposes. Not relying on WiFi or school-based internet connectivity, the classroom network can also use Bluetooth to enable connection between devices. Where Internet access is available, web resources, like quizzes and instructional videos can be delivered to console devices. Once instructions are sent to individual student consoles activity can be monitored and student responses (in the form of visual information) are received. Activities: number of teacher-generated activities only limited by device memory Lessons: number of lessons only restricted by memory limitations Resources: photo or camera created - stored in the app as compressed image files - unlimited apart from memory restrictions Free up teacher time by preparing instant questions and distributing to the class. Prepare lesson materials ahead of the lesson and send when pupils connect. Differentiate pupil engagement with different lesson materials, activities or instructions. Generate reports showing pupil and class progress. Take the network out of the classroom and connect in Bluetooth range (up to 20m). Collect photos from pupils on nature trails. Set questions in the coach going on a trip. Work in a comfortable setting or where pupils need to be isolated from each other. Please send feedback on use and features required to website email: info@mathstrainers.co.uk


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 12.05 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Alexander Watt

Day of release: 2013-03-5

Recommended age: 4+

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