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心經源自約公元前一百年,為大乘佛教《大般若經》(圓滿智慧)的核心要義;自兩千多年以來,許多心經的翻譯版本已遍及世界各地,它也是為當今佛教徒最普遍日常讀誦經典。 本軟體所收錄玄奘所翻譯之《般若波羅蜜多心經》是當今最普及的中譯本。此外,本軟體特收錄由德國學者孔茲先生從原始梵文翻譯之英譯本以供參考。所以您可利用本軟件之讀經計數器隨時隨地方便的讀誦心經。 ...

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心經源自約公元前一百年,為大乘佛教《大般若經》(圓滿智慧)的核心要義;自兩千多年以來,許多心經的翻譯版本已遍及世界各地,它也是為當今佛教徒最普遍日常讀誦經典。 本軟體所收錄玄奘所翻譯之《般若波羅蜜多心經》是當今最普及的中譯本。此外,本軟體特收錄由德國學者孔茲先生從原始梵文翻譯之英譯本以供參考。所以您可利用本軟件之讀經計數器隨時隨地方便的讀誦心經。 雖然《般若波羅蜜多心經》全文只有短短的二百六十個字,許多高僧大德皆推崇誠心讀誦心經可產生的不思議力量,它能夠滿足一切善願、解除一切障礙、成就一切功德。 The Heart Sutra was from about 100 B.C., which is the core essence of the Mahayana "Prajnaparamita Sutra" (Perfection of Wisdom); Since two thousand years, many translations of the Heart Sutra had been around the world, it is for today one of the most popular Buddhist daily reciting scriptures. This App had included the most popular English translation of Heart Sutra by Edward Conze. In addition, the most popular editions of Chinese translation by Xuan Zang were included as well. Therefore, You may recite the Heart Sutra with the counter utility anytime, anywhere conveniently. Although there are only short words in the Heart Sutra, many senior monks respect the holy power of Heart Sutra, and advice people to recite the scriptures sincerely must be able to meet all the good wills, to lift all Karma obstacles and to achieve all merits.


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