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MYF Mobile is your portable office and production headquarters for your cast and crew members. MYF Mobile is the latest development from the team at ...

Discontinued App


MYF Mobile is your portable office and production headquarters for your cast and crew members. MYF Mobile is the latest development from the team at manageyourfilm.com, a website servicing film crews around the globe. Working to compliment the full web version of Manage Your Film, the MYF Mobile App is the perfect accessory for any film crew wanting to stay in touch and stay informed throughout a film production. Utilizing the best of your phones technology MYF Mobile allows you and your crew to access, share and edit data on the run. With just a few quick taps on your screen you can reach key production details such as call times on call sheets and changes to schedules. You can upload photos as you scout locations, send group messages to your crew by department and navigate to shooting locations listed on call sheets. Key Features of MYF Mobile: Contacts - keep track of your cast and crew with individual profiles for each member of your team. Note their availability, catering needs and contact information. Locations List - access location information for easy navigation or create new locations as you scout for them. Latest Production News - allows the producer to communicate regular news posts with their cast and crew members. Notes - make notes and leave messages for your different departments using the notes tool. Each note is filed under the relevant department for easy organisation. Call Sheets - access call times, catering information, location details and all other aspects of the call sheet. Share Data - view, contribute and organise your images and documents using the designated department folders. Production Schedule - view your schedule details by date or by stage of production (Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production). Scene Breakdown - view or contribute data for each scene in the detailed scene breakdown. This information feeds across to the location list, schedules etc.. Important Information: To begin using MYF Mobile simply log in with your member user name and password or select “Register” from the top left corner of the MYF Mobile log in screen. Alternatively you can visit www.manageyourfilm.com If you are an existing member you will be able to start using MYF Mobile straight away and access your various productions and those you have been invited to by fellow members. If you’re a new user and want to start your own film production you can subscribe to a 30 day trial for FREE to begin enjoying the MYF Mobile experience or you may purchase a 6 or 12 month production subscription. Please Note: This App is FREE to download and use. Payment is only required when and if purchasing subscriptions to the Manage Your Film website.


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Version: 1.0

Size: 1.35 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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