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Machinist APPrentice 2010

Machinist APPrentice 2010 is a Machine Shop assistance app that will save you time and money on a daily basis. Easily generates the Speed & Feed numbers ...

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Machinist APPrentice 2010 is a Machine Shop assistance app that will save you time and money on a daily basis. Easily generates the Speed & Feed numbers you want for the most basic to most advanced cutting tools available and dozens of other calculations. The Initial release named the "APPrentice" includes some of the more basic programs used in a Machine Shop at a very attractive price. The APPrentice level will allow you to see the User Friendly layout we strived to give you in the type of programs you want in a self-explanatory manner. Once you experience what APPrentice can do, you will want to go for the next level, The "Journeyman" or "METRIC Journeyman". The Advanced Release named the "Journeyman" will allow you to get answers to most questions that arise throughout a typical day in a Machine Shop. See below for examples. THE APPRENTICE LEVEL: Milling Section: RPM SFM RPM & IPM RPM & IPR SFM & FPT Drill Point Turning Section: RPM SFM Helix Angle Thread Reference Point Drill Point Tap Drill: Cut Tap Inch Cut Tap Metric Form Tap Inch Form Tap Metric Conversion Section: IN / MM HP / KW LB/ KG Square Across Corners Hex Across Corners Torque Ft. Lb. / Nm THE JOURNEYMAN LEVEL: NOW AVAIABLE in INCH or METRIC (METRIC Journeyman is all SMPM, MMPR & MMPT) (All of the above from the APPrentice Level) Plus: MILLING SECTION: Radial Chip Thinning Factor Ball Nose Chip Thinning Factor 45 Degree Chip Thinning Factor Internal Circular Interpolation adjusted Feed Rate External Circular Interpolation adjusted Feed Rate LATHE SECTION: Large Section for Laydown Threading Systems CONVERSIONS & REFERENCE SECTION: Many more conversions, Trig Programs, GD&T References, Carbide Grade References and much much more coming in the Journeyman level. You will love how the Machinist APPrentice or Journeyman gives you the answers to many of the issues you deal with throughout the shop every day. The Developer has worked in and around Machine Shops for over 30 years. By packaging his Manual Machining experience, CNC Programming-Setup-Operator experience, Management experience, Tool Manufacturer Rep experience, Tool Salesman experience and a passion for Teaching Cutting Tool Math, this APP wraps together the math functions and reference materials needed throughout most of those aspects of a Machine Shop. This is a "Must Have" APP for the Up & Coming Apprentice or the Long Time Journeyman as all of the information is in one place, Your Hand.


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