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Macquarie Complete Australian Dictionary

***COMPLETELY UPDATED & UPDATED with new features including audio pronunciations! ***DISCOUNTED PRICE down from $34.99 The Macquarie Complete Australian ...

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***COMPLETELY UPDATED & UPDATED with new features including audio pronunciations! ***DISCOUNTED PRICE down from $34.99 The Macquarie Complete Australian Dictionary app is both international and uniquely Australian, providing users with the most comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date reference of Australian English. The app answers the needs of users on matters of spelling, pronunciation and usage for the complete record of English as it is used in Australia, from the colourfully colloquial to the highly technical. Based on the complete Macquarie Dictionary Fifth Edition and equivalent to a 1900 page book retailing at A$130, the app includes: - Over 139,000 words and phrases - Over 210,000 definitions - Over 20,000 encyclopedic entries - Over 40,000 word origins or etymologies - Over 25,000 audio pronunciations (new!) - 114,500 IPA pronunciations - Illustrative phrases - Regionalisms - Extensive usage notes Search features include: - Simple and fast search - Fuzzy and wildcard search options - Voice search (new!) - Browse through entries (new!) - Bookmark entries (new!) - Recent search list (new!) - Note-taking feature (new!) - Cross-reference links (new!) - Options to share content (new!) - Word of the Day (new!) - Compatible with VoiceOver - Access anytime without an internet connection* *Note that access to audio pronunciations requires internet connection. *Note iPad version currently does not rotate screen - this will be fixed in later updates to come. Based on the Macquarie Dictionary Fifth Edition, this app features thousands of new words, phrases and definitions such as: - words relating to the environment and climate change â€â€ acid shock, bioethanol, climate wars, ecological footprint, ecowarrior, and global commons - new computer words and technical jargon â€â€ advergaming, breadcrumb navigation, cybersquatting and first-person shooter - new encyclopedic entries â€â€ Barangaroo, Black Saturday, Earth Hour and Great Pacific Garbage Patch - words and phrases from regional Australia â€â€ black snow, hydro pole, maisonette, nointer and schnitter This app is from the publishers of the popular, authoritative Macquarie Dictionary â€â€ Australia's national dictionary. The Macquarie Dictionary continues to change, adapt and re-adjust to reflect Australian language. Macquarie, by definition Australian Copyright © Macquarie Dictionary Publishers Australia 2013


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Version: 2.0.5

Size: 32.33 MB


Price: $ 15.94

Developed by Macquarie Dictionary Publishers Pty Ltd

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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