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The Magic Garden 2 - Children`s Meditation APP This high quality meditation audio app By Heather Bestel has been lovingly created to help children ...

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The Magic Garden 2 - Children’s Meditation APP This high quality meditation audio app By Heather Bestel has been lovingly created to help children feel calm and peaceful and to stimulate imagination and a sense of wonder. It is ideally suitable for children aged 8 to 11 years of age, (check Heather's other apps for younger kids). Your kids can listen to the meditation audio tracks at home, during chill out time, at bedtime, on long journeys, before exams or anytime they need to switch off and relax. Children can also use this app in school, at the beginning or end of each class, in the chill out zone and during circle time. Teaching your kids to meditate with this app will give them stress-relieving techniques that will stay with them forever. The breathing techniques alone will help them deal with anxiety and stress in a positive way. The Magic Garden 2 APP Features: * Two deeply relaxing audio tracks: Welcome to the Magic Garden & Floating Down the River. * All audio's feature high quality professional recording techniques. * Heather Bestel’s beautiful calm reassuring voice guiding you into a completely relaxed state of mind & body. * A page where your children will be instructed in a creative activity which will help to release worry & anxiety and increase the ability to feel calm and relaxed, happy & confident. This activity is based around creating a ‘Worry Tree’ Full instructions in the APP are given on how to create this with simple visual instructions. Heather Bestel is an experienced psychotherapist who specialises in helping children. Her work began in the early 90's and she has helped many children in the area of dealing with anxiety and stress and building self-esteem and confidence. “Magical Me” is one of a range of titles from the “Magical Meditations 4 Kids”. Here are some examples of the lovely feedback from users of Heather's meditation recordings. “I love your wonderfully relaxing voice I found myself being drawn in so easily and found my breathing slowing down naturally. What a magical journey and what a wonderful way for children to learn to relax. In our busy, frenetic, busy world it’s so important for children to learn to slow down, chill out and use their imaginations. It aids their concentration, their sense of well being and helps children connect with their inner sense of calm. I loved it and I recommend this wonderful CD to all parents as it is such an easy way to help children feel at peace with themselves and with one another.” Sue Atkins, Founder of Positive-Parents.com and Author of Raising Happy Children for Dummies “I liked feeling calm in the magical world, so I brought all the calm from the magical world back with me, so I can feel it here whenever I like” Jude age 9 “Magical Meditations is a lovely way to chill out. It made me feel nice and happy and relaxed, I could just float off and stay there forever!” Emma (aged 11) “I loved Magical Meditations. Not just for my son, but for me too! I enjoyed the way it encourages solitude, imagination and rest from all the busyness. With all the electronic games and stimulation - this is just what is needed to allow children to feel calm.“ Renita Boyle, Children’s author and storyteller (UK) “It made me feel all sparkling and relaxed - I wanted to stay there and be by myself” Donald age 10


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