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Instead of scribbling onto paper notepads and transferring them again into your computer, have you ever wanted to type and doodle meeting minutes directly ...

Discontinued App


Instead of scribbling onto paper notepads and transferring them again into your computer, have you ever wanted to type and doodle meeting minutes directly into your iPhone or iPad right away, organize them neatly into points and action items and email it yourself or your contacts and not worry about it anymore till the alert pops-up? Then Magic Minutes™ will help you achieve your objective! Magic Minutes™ is an enterprise iOS application built for an individual road warrior but designed to allow collaboration with your colleagues, partners and friends! No sticky cloud servers involved! Complete freedom in your hands. Carefully designed with the corporate user in mind, it makes taking minutes and organising them, a simple task! It also helps reduce the use of papers! Who should use it? •Office Executives •Students •Educators •Volunteers •Parents •Basically anyone who needs to collaborate and take notes with actionable plans! How it benefits the user? •Plan a meeting with agenda and it goes right into your calendar •Organize and classify your points easily - with collapse and expand features •Colour code your meetings; clear visibility at a glance •Note down action items with due date - seamlessly creates the event into your calendar •Share, update and iterate your minutes with your associates; what you see is always the final version without scouring through email threads Features: Take Minutes: •Launch Magic Minutes •Create agenda, date, time, title, location and attendees from your contacts or create new ones •Set notes as an action item with a due date and a person in charge •Type or Doodle(*) the meeting notes •Save the minutes into your device or iCalendar •You can also help create other action items into the calendar of your associates by simply sending the minutes of meeting to them! Send your minutes: •Send your minutes of meeting as an Excel file or as a Magic Minutes file •Send it to yourself or your contacts from your device (or create new ones!) •Your contacts will receive the file in Magic Minutes format if they have the application installed in their device •When your contacts accept the action items, it will be created into their calendar •You can also choose to receive updates of the minutes from your contacts •Updates received from your contacts can be stored in Magic minutes for later verification; those will be indicated as badge numbers near your agendas. •See preview in one page & compare all those updates send by your contacts choose and update. Manage your meetings: •Search for minutes •Add, edit & delete agenda. •Collapse or expand agenda tree of unlimited topics and sub-topics •View and edit all your minutes at a glance •Edit your minutes •Stage your minutes for easy categorisation and filtering: Pending, In Progress, Completed, Cancelled •Preview your minutes in one page with all the agenda, topic, and actions •Save the minutes into device or iCalendar •Email your minutes of meeting to yourself, your attendees or anyone you wish •Simplify the creation of similar minutes of meetings by cloning •Choice of different colours for different meetings using a colour palette Intent and outdent: •Designed from ground up, the indent and outdent feature automatically creates unlimited “grandparent, parent, sibling, child” relationships among the different paragraphs of notes •This amazing feature enables you to collapse and expand them so that you can see the “big picture” or the detailed sub-points Doodler(*): •This unique feature is only available for iPad. With the Doodler, you can create handwritten notes or sketches •It also has a text editor which allows you to type onto the Doodler and format it - bold or italicized your text, change the font, colour or size, etc. •When saved, it becomes a PDF attachment to the minutes of meeting


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 14.79 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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