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Mail Pro Application an e-mail client focused on streamlining e-mail searches, which  allow you to keep all your mail on your device and it focused on ...

Discontinued App


Mail Pro Application an e-mail client focused on streamlining e-mail searches, which  allow you to keep all your mail on your device and it focused on full-text searches to find any message or word in seconds. Mail Pro downloads all your emails to your device and offers powerful full-text email search. Compared to the iPhone's Mail client search facilities, it's faster, cheaper, and works offline. Mail Pro saves you money as you don't have to keep download message, and having all your email on your iPhone will save your substantial money, for example when you are roaming. 1)Works Offline iMail stores all your email on your iPhone, you can search and read all your email even when you have no WiFi or cellular reception. 2)Open attachement in App iMail support open attachments in app, you needn't to download it to your computer, it support almost of the file types(Microsoft office files, text, image, zip, etc. ) 3)Multiple mail account support iMail support add multiple mail account for you and easy to configure for a lot of mail servers(Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, MobileMe, 163 ,Racespace and all of IMAP support servers) 4)Full text searching Support full text search not only the account, but also the header, subject and context. 5)Landscape Support iMail has landscape support for viewing all screen, like messages, folds, search results and main page. 6)Reminders iMail will reminder once a day you to download your newest emails if you like set it. 7)Download all attachments by default You can set download attachment by default in your iPhone setting app. this will show up in iPhone-> Setting->iMail, and set the download switch as "ON" 8)Auto-Competes iMail auto-competes name of your contacts for faster search, remembers pass searches, and marks up text matches. 9)Password/Lock Screen You should always have a PIN lock on your phone.adding a lock screen to iMail will protect you from a thief reading your mail,iMail will be the least of your worries since a thief can impersonate you, read your notes, and steal other personal info. 10)AirPrint Many WiFi-capable printers are detected automatically and used to send the email or attachments to printer (Only available on iOS 4.2 and later) 
POP3 is NOT Supported :POP3 does NOT support cloud based email folders. Without that, your email folders cannot be shared. If you file a POP3 email into a folder on your computer, there is no way to access it on your phone (and vice versa). When confronted with this issue, most users convert to a free gmail account and uses gmail's POP fetching capabilities to periodically import their POP email. Mail Pro  stores all of your emails and account information on your phone. All email related communication is performed between your phone and your email account. 

Please send us your feedback via our email support: pocketsupport@yeah.net. we are looking foreword to read your comments and will welcome your email. Any questions or suggestions, please contact us feel free! :)


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.2

Size: 3.59 MB


Price: 3,41 €

Developed by Pocket Studio

Day of release: 2012-05-31

Recommended age: 4+

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