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"New and Noteworthy" -Apple "This is probably MY favorite kids app ever. It's well designed and clever, which is just what I like." -Emily, "It ...

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"New and Noteworthy" -Apple "This is probably MY favorite kids app ever. It's well designed and clever, which is just what I like." -Emily, "It is easy to use, has the appeal of predictability with gentle surprises and is educational without her knowing it!" -Stuzle *** No ads *** or links to interrupt game play. As parents we know it can be annoying if kids accidentally open the info screen and launch another app so we made it accessible only to parents. *** Supports Mute Switch*** Quickly Silence app with physical mute switch We all love to make things pop! Learn shapes, letters, colors, and numbers while popping bubbles, balloons, fireworks and popcorn! Well suited to young children, each of the games focuses on one educational concept. Beautiful illustrations and playful interaction will make this an instant hit for your child! ______ Bubbles: As a boy blows bubbles, the bubbles form different shapes. Children can see the shape, hear the shape name, and see the shape name spelled out. Pop all of the bubbles to get a new shape, or touch the boy and he'll blow some more! Be sure to take some time to play with the butterflies! They can pop the bubbles, too! ______ Balloons: Bright balloons float into the sky above the city. Pop the balloons to hear the letter, and watch as lowercase letter confetti explodes from the balloon! Let the crow join in on the fun, too. Grab and drag him, or let him pop the balloons! ______ Fireworks: Create your own fireworks display by popping these bright rockets! Launch as many as you like by tapping the rocket, or dragging a path for the firework to follow. As each firework explodes, children will see the color in the explosion, see the color name written below, and hear the color name. Touch a firefly to see it light up! ______ Popcorn: Careful! It's hot! Touch each popcorn kernel to pop everything in the pan! Each of the 30 kernels is counted, one by one. See the number on the bag of popcorn and hear it, too! After all 30 kernels are popped, eat the kernels and count back down to zero! ______ Bubble Gum: Touch a girl's face to help her blow up her bubble gum. The gum reaches different sizes from tiny to enormous! Pop her gum and watch her surprise! Careful of the bees… they may get stuck in the gum.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 13.48 MB


Price: 1,86 €

Developed by Tryangle Labs

Day of release: 2011-11-4

Recommended age: 4+

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