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What is the next step after your child learns words from basic vocabulary? You guessed it right! Constructing sentences! This app teaches sentence construction ...

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What is the next step after your child learns words from basic vocabulary? You guessed it right! Constructing sentences! This app teaches sentence construction from collection of words. Let your child make a sentence by picking and placing words in correct sequence from given list of scattered words. This app utilizes ABA method of intervention delivery to children with developmental disabilities, special education needs or Autism. You can customize play settings to suit your child’s learning pace and needs. For example you can set time to answer each question. You can select play order from given options. You can switch off training in case you want to run the app for assessment only. Each correct response in the app is rewarded with animations for positive reinforcement. The app is developed by WebTeam corporation. *** About WebTeam Corporation *** WebTeam Corporation (WTC) is a technology-driven company based in Somerset, NJ, working in areas of special education, staff augmentation and customized software development. Founded in 2006, WTC specializes in leveraging the potential of touchscreen technology to improve the lives of children with autism. SHANESH COLORS - the company's patent pending technology - offers a cost-efficient supplemental intervention option to parents, teachers and professionals involved with the autism community worldwide. WebTeam Corporation has been working closely with top industry experts and service providers, and is constantly on the lookout for breakthrough autism research. The goal of the company is to develop an affordable, holistic, synchronized and consistent education model capable of tapping the latest mobile technology to make the overall experience of learning and development stimulating, enjoyable and effective for special children. WebTeam offers Shanesh COLORS program and iLearnNEarn series of mobile Apps. ** About ABA ** =============== As we know, the recommendation of 40 hours per week of ABA programming as employed by Lovaas’s study has been cited by many parents as being vital to their child’s success. The National Research Council’s 2001 report (p. 184) summarizes the skills necessary for implementing an effective ABA program as: “Teachers must be familiar with theory and research concerning best practices for children with autistic spectrum disorders, including methods of applied behavior analysis, naturalistic learning, incidental teaching, assistive technology, socialization, communication, inclusion, adaptation of the environment, language interventions, assessment, and the effective use of data collection systems. Specific problems in generalization and maintenance of behaviors also affect the need for training in methods of teaching children with autistic spectrum disorders. The wide range of IQ scores and verbal skills associated with autistic spectrum disorders, from profound mental retardation and severe language impairments to superior intelligence make the need for training of personnel even greater.”


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