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Note: This app is the "LITE" version of Akimbo Mandarin I. It has all of the bells and whistles of the full version, but only three of the twenty available ...

Discontinued App


Note: This app is the "LITE" version of Akimbo Mandarin I. It has all of the bells and whistles of the full version, but only three of the twenty available character units. Please feel free to "try before you buy" with this, and if you like it, please consider purchasing the full version of the app! Akimbo Mandarin 101 is an interactive learning tool focusing on improving mastery of the most challenging elements of the language: the pronunciation and intonation of Chinese words, and the complex stroke order and direction of the written Chinese characters, also known as hanzi. It is designed to serve as a valuable study aid for anyone learning Mandarin Chinese, either in formal classes or self-taught, using a system to learn and reinforce Chinese character familiarity more efficiently than dictionaries or other conventional approaches and materials. * ONLY THE MOST PRACTICAL CHARACTERS: Mandarin 101 organizes the 200 most commonly used Chinese characters into 20 thematic units, allowing you to develop confidence in your reading, writing, and listening skills. Specialized character animations make this simpler for learners at every level! * LISTENING DRILLS: Acquire a keen ear for a range of tones and pronunciations. * CONTEXT DRILLS: Become an expert on writing Chinese characters - the CORRECT way - through identifying them in context, using 1,000 different unique phrases. * TRACK YOUR RESULTS: Up to four users can create profiles on each device, allowing them to see detailed, individual scoring reports on listening and context drills. Focus on those areas where you need to improve! Unlike dictionaries or flash card apps, Akimbo Mandarin 101 is designed to enable the learner not only to read or recognize Chinese characters, but also to WRITE the characters in the proper stroke order and stroke direction. All 200 characters featured in Mandarin 101 were chosen for their frequency and utility, so the learner can develop skills in characters he or she will be able to immediately use, regardless of the level of study. Even elementary learners will be able to put their new skills to use after the first unit! Whether you are learning Chinese in a classroom or teaching yourself through other materials at home, Mandarin 101 will contribute greatly to your proficiency and writing skills. Download now and take another step toward conquering Chinese characters!


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Version: 1.0

Size: 9.84 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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