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A painting app to make cartoon movies. "Dance" function to make it dance. Pictures dancing to the music. Cartoon rocking in rhythm. (When the tempo ...

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A painting app to make cartoon movies. "Dance" function to make it dance. Pictures dancing to the music. Cartoon rocking in rhythm. (When the tempo is too slow, it will be doubled. In case it's out of sync from the beginning, use "Last" button to start at the same point and slide "Timing" a little bit. If it happens in the middle of the movie, use "Last" then "Plus" or "Minus" to change the speed slightly.) "Dubbing" function to record voices. Have your characters talk. Instead of always lip-syncing, you could voice what they are thinking or feeling. Recording with friends would be fun. How about asking a person with your favorite voice to be an actress/actor? Your pet should have something to offer. Record your guitar or piano etc. for your original sound track. The sounds from nature or city could also suit your animation. "All Together" function connects all the saved works as a seamless movie. Could make a work with 231 pictures maximumly. (The resolution using this feature is not very high compared to normal.) Using this "Manga Flipper", you can draw pictures on the screen, and each picture immediately becomes a scene of a cartoon movie. Just drawing pictures, and tapping a button, your original cartoon show is ready to play. Smooth and natural drawing. Could video your animation and save it to the album. Your favorite music could be with your work. Or you make a music video for the song. You can find favorite part of the song easily. (Note: Use of tunes from iTunes Match is not supported. If you see "Playlists" but with no song displayed, please tap "Songs" at the bottom.) "Series" function connects 2 works as a seamless movie. Photos could be scenes in the animation. Could draw on the photo, too. Drawing support to see previous images. Saved pictures can be used as background for new drawings. Reverse playing mode is available. Zooming function to enlarge the canvas. You could change the speed of cartoon movie when you select "Without Fade" mode. Selecting "With Fade" mode, you would see the typical smoothness of your animation. Could copy what you draw and paste it wherever you want on canvas. Also copy and paste of photos are available. Effects like "Blur" are available in iOS 6 and later. Your review or rating is more than welcome!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.39

Size: 1.36 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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