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Manga Shakespeare

Manga Shakespeare is a series of graphic novel adaptations of William Shakespeare's plays. A fusion of classic Shakespeare with manga visuals, these cutting-edge ...

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Manga Shakespeare is a series of graphic novel adaptations of William Shakespeare's plays. A fusion of classic Shakespeare with manga visuals, these cutting-edge adaptations have gripped and intrigued readers across the world. Each play uses Shakespeare's original scripts, carefully abridged by series editor, Richard Appignanesi and illustrated by leading UK-based manga artists. Each manga is made up of around eight colour pages and 199 black and white pages which are read in the Western style, left-to-right. The Manga Shakespeare iPad app allows you to purchase each of the plays individually and experience them as an animated version or simply read them page-by-page. Features include: – an animated digital version of each manga/graphic novel – automated animated play mode with variable reading speed – exploration mode to dive into each panel, zoom and pan at your own pace – easy and intuitive navigation between pages and panels – full support for multi-touch, swipe, landscape mode – page mode to display the original layout of the manga/graphic novel Each play has been illustrated in manga style by leading UK-based artist with a unique setting and costumes, designed to give a fresh perspective on Shakespeare's stories.There are fourteen plays that can be purchased inside the Manga Shakespeare iPad app: Romeo & Juliet – illustrated by Sonia Leong The world’s most famous love story. Set in modern-day Japan, two young lovers are caught up in a bitter feud between their rival Yakuza families – the Montagues and the Capulets. The Tempest – illustrated by Paul Duffield Prospero, robbed of his dukedom, is marooned on a wild island with his daughter Miranda. He uses his magic skills to shipwreck his usurping brother and those who exiled him. Macbeth – illustrated by Rob Deas In this futuristic version of Shakespeare’s tale of murder and the supernatural, Samurai warriors have reclaimed an alternate, post-nuclear world of mutants. Twelfth Night – illustrated by Nana Li A tale of unrequited love, family dispute and a disastrous shipwreck. Hamlet – illustrated by Emma Vieceli Shakespeare’s most enigmatic play is re-set in a war-torn cyberworld. The Merchant of Venice – illustrated by Faye Yong After borrowing a large sum of money from Shylock, the merchant Antonio faces financial ruin when his fleet of ships is sunk. As You Like It – illustrated by Chie Kutsuwada This dazzling comedy is reimagined in an Oriental world in the Forest of Ar-den. Othello – illustrated by Ryuta Osada In this fantastical version of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, the action begins amidst the carnival atmosphere of an otherworldly Venice carnival. A Midsummer Night's Dream – illustrated by Kate Brown “The course of true love never did run smooth...” Chaos reigns as jealous, meddlesome fairies and a powerful love potion combine, plunging four young Athenian lovers into romantic turmoil. Julius Caesar – illustrated by Mustashrik A soothsayer warns Julius Caesar in this iconic portrayal of noble ideals turned to bloodshed. Much Ado About Nothing – illustrated by Emma Vieceli Henry VIII – illustrated by Patrick Warren First performed under the title All is True in 1613, Henry VIII traces the ups and downs of Fortune that rule over human affairs – in the corridors of power and behind closed doors. King Lear – illustrated by Ilya The story of Lear, the old chieftain, who divides his kingdom among his three daughters is the most terrifying tragedy ever written. Richard III – illustrated by Patrick Warren This epic history portrays the rise and fall of this seductive rogue in one of the bloodiest chapters of the English monarchy. All images within the manga are © SelfMadeHero 2007-2010


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