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Looking for a nice way to read manga scanlations online? What is Manga Storm? ========================== "Manga" is a term used outside Japan refers ...

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Looking for a nice way to read manga scanlations online? What is Manga Storm? ========================== "Manga" is a term used outside Japan refers specifically to comics originally published in Japan. You can find many websites providing manga scanlations for free. But after a while, you will face following problems from using a web browser to read from those websites. ● iPhone/iPod touch screen size is small so navigation between pages is hard. ● You have to wait for the image to be loaded and have to zoom it to fit the screen every time you navigate to a new page. ● You have to periodically check the website yourself to see if a new chapter has been released. ● You want to read some favorite online manga in your free time during travel but you have no access to the internet at that time. "Manga Storm" is a dedicated online manga reader which is well-designed to solve above problems and also bring you the great experience for reading manga scanlations from most popular websites on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Why choose Manga Storm? ========================== √ Support multiple manga websites. - Manga Storm supports 5 of most popular manga websites; mangafox.com, mangareader.net, mangaeden.com, batoto.net and mangahere.com. √ Support iCloud. - Your reading history, favourites and bookmarks are stored on iCloud so you can use Manga Storm on any of your devices and data on them will be automatically synchronised. √ Automatically check for new chapters. - After adding a manga to favorites, Manga Storm will run background checking and notify you by badge and sound when new chapters are available. It can also automatically download them for you if you want. Check the 'Settings' page. Notes: - Manga Storm can keep up to 3 favorite manga. You can unlock the app to add more. - Manga Storm is not support push notification so it can check new chapter for you only when the application is running in the foreground. √ It is simple and easy to use. - We know that you just want to read manga and do not want to deal with something complex. Manga Storm has been designed with simplicity in mind. √ Find a manga is easy. - You can browse catalog by alphabets, search through title name or popularity. √ Keep manga offline and read them on-the-go. - In manga information page, just tap 'Download' button and select chapters to be downloaded or tap 'Download All' button to download all available chapters. After they have been downloaded you can find them in 'Collections' tab. Notes: - Manga Storm can keep up to 10 offline chapters. You can unlock the app to keep more. √ Read manga in any orientation. - You can read manga in both portrait and landscape orientation. Just flip the device and Manga Storm will adjust the best view for you automatically. You can also zoom it in or out with pinching and panning. √ Easily navigate between pages - Just swipe or tap at the edge of the page to flip to next or previous page. You can use the slider to navigate to any page in the chapter. √ Read next chapter continuously. - After finish reading each chapter, just flip to the next page and Manga Storm will automatically load the next chapter for you. √ Bookmark automatically. - Manga Storm knows when you leave the chapter without finish reading it so when you later come back to the same chapter you will start with the last page you have read. √ Keep your reading history. - Manga Storm will keep the record of every title you have ever read so you will not lose the name of a title that you read in the past few days again. Notes: - Manga Storm will show up to 3 recently read titles. You can unlock the app to view all. √ It is universal app - Buy once, unlock on any iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad you have. Important Notes: ● Some manga are not available in your country due to copyright. To show available titles, go to Settings and update your current location.


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