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Marching Orders

Marching Orders is designed for anyone who needs to provide tasks, notes and instructions to people working for them. Give your employee, contractor, ...

Discontinued App


Marching Orders is designed for anyone who needs to provide tasks, notes and instructions to people working for them. Give your employee, contractor, groundskeeper, babysitter ... anyone doing work for you ... their "Marching Orders" quickly and efficiently with pictures and typed or dictated text. Marching Orders is a You-Do-It App, not just another To-Do App! Using this App can make you AND your workers more effective. Pictures do speak a thousand words, so use them to save time while increasing accuracy and comprehension for the recipient of your Marching Orders. Speech recognition can also be used to quickly input titles and descriptions on devices that support that functionality. With a simple but flexible workflow, the goal of Marching Orders is to prepare a list of tasks with the option of including a picture, title and description for each task. You can take pictures with the device's camera from within the App or use images from your device's Picture Library. All images can be enlarged, moved and cropped as needed. Tasks can be reordered or deleted as desired and the resulting PDF can be previewed before printing or Emailing. Marching Orders remembers where it was last being used so it is easy to keep an ongoing list at your fingertips. Whenever you see something that needs to be done, or something that may have been done wrong, you can easily add them to a Marching Order that is already in the works. Or, simply take pictures and prepare a Marching Order all at once at a later time. There is no right or wrong way to do things with Marching Orders. Central to the design of Marching Orders is that final output is prepared in standard PDF format in a clean and consistent layout. No time needs to be dedicated to making things look good! The primary purpose of Marching Orders is to be as efficient as possible and not waste your time. The resulting PDF files can be printed from the App via any AirPrint enabled printer or sent as an attachment via email. This App can be used for a wide range of practical purposes, including: • Convey tasks to your worker(s) using pictures to indicate the "what, where and how". • Illustrate things that were NOT done the way you want them done! • Make a punch-list that is easy to follow and useful for tracking results. • Prepare an illustrated guide to business standards such as a workplace closeup checklist. • Restaurant Managers can illustrate how they want tables to be set and how specific menu items should look. • Contractors can note the things to be worked on while meeting with their customers. • Inspectors can document issues found during an inspection and make quick notes. • And many more ... Device Requirements • Any device running iOS 5 or later • iPhone 4 and newer • iPad, iPad Mini (running in iPhone mode) • iPod Touch Features • Unlimited Marching Orders (based upon device limitations) • Unlimited tasks (based upon device limitations) • Each task can have an image, title and description • File data is saved within App • Sort and/or delete tasks • Delete Marching Order lists as desired Output • A Standard PDF file is Generated for each Marching Order task list • Print Marching Order PDF files via AirPrint • Send Marching Order PDF files as Email Attachment


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 1.99 MB


Price: 4,71 €

Developed by NightShade Media, Inc.

Day of release: 2013-11-20

Recommended age: 4+

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