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Marco Polo Reloaded

In part 3 Bradley Mayhew continues his exciting trip in the footsteps of Marco Polo. In Afghanistan he finds that Marco Polo's report of a journey "through ...

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In part 3 Bradley Mayhew continues his exciting trip in the footsteps of Marco Polo. In Afghanistan he finds that Marco Polo's report of a journey "through lands harassed by bandits and ravaged by armies" is as sadly accurate today as it was in the 13th century. In the mountains of northern Afghanistan Bradley meets lapis lazuli miners, in the Pamirs of Tajikistan he shares a yurt with yak herders. Finally crossing into China he heads for the vibrant oasis trading towns of Kashgar and Khotan. "Marco Polo Reloaded" is a four-part documentary series retracing the route of Marco Polo. We accompany Bradley Mayhew as he discovers the countries, the people and their culture along this legendary route. This app contains a 52 minutes long episode of the documentary film 'Marco Polo Reloaded', along with short clips and many impressive photos and travel quotations. "Arriving in Herat was a really exciting moment for me, as was finally making it to Balkh. Wandering the walls of Alexander the Great's citadel, where he is said to have married the Bactrian princess Roxanne, was a real thrill, even though the local army commander insisted on us having an armed guard. The onward stage of the trip to Faizabad via Kunduz was considered too dangerous to travel overland so I reluctantly decided to take a military plane and break my self-imposed rule of only travelling overland. Marco's report of 12 days' journey through lands harassed by bandits and ravaged by armies is as sadly accurate today as it was in the 13th century. Robbery and murder must have been a continual risk to the Polos' caravan. Afghanistan maintains a tragic beauty. Its location astride history's greatest trade and invasion routes, combined with the blending of Central Asian, Persian and Indian influences and the instinctive hospitality of its gracious people are aspects of the country that don’t make it into newspapers these days amidst news clips of Taliban bombings, ISAF troop withdrawals and unmanned drone attacks. You can clearly see the scars of war here, both in the physical landscape and in people's faces, but my hope is that life will gradually become easier for the people there and that wounds can begin to heal. We saw signs of that during our visit and I only hope that it continues. Throughout the trip I loved the reactions that we would get from truck drivers and the people we would flag down on the road. They thought it hilarious that I would want to travel in their beaten-up old car or in the cab of their stinky truck. I think they thought we were slightly mad. Not everything went according to plan, though. We got in serious trouble when we detonated a mine in Herat citadel without informing the authorities. I think they thought they were under Taliban attack... The trip through Badakhshan is definitely the remotest part of the voyage these days. The drive from Faizabad to Sar-e Sang to the lapis mines and then on to the Wakhan Corridor was probably the scenic highlight of the trip for me. Marco’s description of the Pamirs (including Marco Polo sheep and the fact that fire doesn’t burn as hot because of the altitude) is still totally spot on. I even managed to do some updating for my day job as the author of the Lonely Planet Central Asia guide. I really recommend Eastern Tajikistan, both for its great yurtstay programs and because the Pamir Hwy is possibly the world’s most beautiful road trip.“ – Bradley Mayhew Features * Full-length documentary with Bradley Mayhew(52 minutes!) * Photographs
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