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Marco Polo Reloaded

Part 2 of Bradley Mayhew's voyage in the footsteps of Marco Polo takes him all the way across Iran, from the famous city of Tabriz to the Persian Gulf. ...

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Part 2 of Bradley Mayhew's voyage in the footsteps of Marco Polo takes him all the way across Iran, from the famous city of Tabriz to the Persian Gulf. Passing the modern capital Tehran and Yazd, one of the world´s oldest cities, Bradley re-imagines the past while putting a spotlight on today’s reality, in modern-day Iran. "Marco Polo Reloaded" is a four-part documentary series retracing the route of Marco Polo. We accompany Bradley Mayhew as he discovers the countries, the people and their culture along this legendary route. This app contains a 52 minutes long episode of the documentary film 'Marco Polo Reloaded', along with short clips and many impressive photos and travel quotations. "Iran is one place that really confounds the stereotypes. One minute you are walking past 'Death to America' murals, the next you suddenly get invited to dinner by a total stranger who is desperate to hear that you are enjoying their country. Out in public once your eyes get used to the dark black chador of the women you start to notice the subtle variations on the hejab, with some women in full makeup and with dyed blond hair barely constrained by their head scarf. Living in Iran is all about the exterior and interior worlds and navigating your way between these is the cultural key to understanding the place. Accommodation was pretty varied along the trip. We slept on the floor of a holy shrine in the Iranian desert, tasted army life in a German barracks in Faizabad, crashed in a yurt in the Pamirs and took over people's houses all along the Silk Road. Arriving on the Persian Gulf is a bit of a blur to me. Most of my memories are of the overpowering heat and being covered in a thick layer of sweat by 7am. I remember glancing feverishly at a thermometer in the Qeshm port office that showed 49 degrees Celsius. Marco writes admiringly of the date wine he sampled in this region Gulf but the closest I got to wine in the alcohol-free Islamic republic was a warm can of Delster alcohol-free beer. The food in general was also pretty limited in Iran and Central Asia; essentially just three types of kebabs: mincemeat on a stick, lumps of meat on a stick or …. No, I was wrong: there are just two types.“ – Bradley Mayhew Features * Full-length documentary with Bradley Mayhew(52 minutes!) * Photographs
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