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Market Research on a Shoestring

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur: You need a few pieces of vital information that market research provides you before you launch your business: • Is there ...

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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur: You need a few pieces of vital information that market research provides you before you launch your business: • Is there actually a market for my product or service? Is there an unmet need and why has it not been met by anyone? • Who exactly are my customers? What segment of the entrepreneur’s potential audience should be catered to first and where will the entrepreneur find that audience? • What do my customers really want? • How will I find these customers? Successful entrepreneurs know where to look for early customers. • How big is the market for my product? • Why will customers buy from you, instead of one of your competitors? Successful entrepreneurs explore the differences (both real and perceived) between you and your competition, and know how to use those differences to achieve success! • How is my business going to make money? Successful entrepreneurs know what their costs are going to be, and how much customers are willing to pay for a product or service. Finding the right answers to these questions (and several more) will mean the difference between success and failure for your startup. I’ve written an eBook called Market Research on a Shoestring: Get a Reality Check on Your Big Idea for Less than $100. It is, quite simply, your roadmap. In about 128 pages, I teach you exactly how to conduct this research. (And most of it can be done for little or no cost.) Here are some of the things you’ll learn: ¬ The 5 basic questions that your market research must answer about your customers and your business. You do not want to launch your startup until you have achieved clarity on these questions! ¬ The 4 diagrams that completely simplify your research. When you are able to accurately draw these 4 diagrams in regard to your startup, your market research is finished. ¬ The 28 questions you need to ask potential customers before your startup gets off the ground. ¬ The kind of information you need to gather. If you don’t know what you are looking for, you’ll never know if you’ve found it. I give you a very specific outline, detailing what you need to know in order to make your startup everything it should be! ¬ Where to get the information you need. There is an almost infinite supply of information out there. But, frankly, most of it is useless to your business. I will show you how to find the knowledge that gives you a competitive advantage! ¬ How much market research you really need in order to be successful. ¬ How to evaluate key assumptions about your startup. Every business has key indicators that help you gauge its success. I show you how to find the keys for your business, and then how to validate those assumptions. Naeem Zafar Faculty, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley Silicon Valley, California USA Testimonials This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I don’t have the time to learn about market research...Naeem has summarized what would have been 3 different books plus additional insights. He provides direct, no-nonsense advice that comes from his deep experience. A thoroughly useful read.” Bodgan Cirilic, founder and CEO, Finest Experts, Campbell, California "Naeem demonstrates that you can get first-hand market knowledge without spending a lot of time and money. After reading this book, there is no excuse for not having a clear understanding of what your customers need. This is a must-read for anyone that is seriously trying to start a new business or develop a new product" Rodrigo Palacio, Enterprise Architect, San Francisco CA * Aso try other apps from Magnicode: * a. WorkSmart * b. Get funded * c. Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs * d. 7 Steps to a Successful Startup


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