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From the best-seling book by Kevin Duncan - A masterclass in modern marketing. - This app is the definitive compendium of everything you need to know ...

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From the best-seling book by Kevin Duncan - A masterclass in modern marketing. - This app is the definitive compendium of everything you need to know from the best minds in marketing - abridged, condensed, and ready for immediate action. Understand the important concepts in marketing - fast. With Over 4 hours of audio book content and quick reference sections covering the themes of : ✱✱✱ Chapter 1: The Big Themes ✱✱✱ - What do you do if you are not the brand leader? - How are you supposed to behave exactly? - Market domination is old hat - Why the customers you think are the most committed may not be - PR doesn't work any more, or does it? - Have we made it all too complicated? ✱✱✱ Chapter 2: Marketing ✱✱✱ - What is marketing anyway? - They think it's all over... it is now - Hang on a minute - it's back in new clothes - The old model: still working? - Oh-oh, it really is curtains - It's all about the internet now, apparently ✱✱✱ Chapter 3: Brands and Branding ✱✱✱ - What is branding? - How should your brand behave? - You'll have a brand image if you like it or not - Can you create a buzz around your band and if so how? - Can you engender loyalty beyond reason? - Stop being a control freak: new ways to look after your brand ✱✱✱ Chapter 4: Consumer Behaviour ✱✱✱ - People do some strange things - People panic when they are told to - People buy more than they need - People always copy each other - Small things can make a big difference - People are usually right ✱✱✱ Chapter 5: Creativity: Can you learn it? ✱✱✱ - We are all born to play and create - Creativity is pointless without a purpose - Emulating creative companies - Applying some universal rules - Stimulating methods - Involving people ✱✱✱ Chapter 6: Getting on with it ✱✱✱ - Keeping it simple - Articulating yourself well - Presenting your company or brand well - Are you the right person to do it? - You need a system Got no time to read marketing books? Don't worry. It's all been done for you.. As well as saving hundreds of hours of reading time, you can grasp ideas with pithy accuracy, explain them authoritatively to colleagues and, crucially, avoid being hoodwinked by those who claim to understand a concept when in fact they have got the wrong end of the stick. All the books are summarised, with one-minute summaries and one-sentence summaries to give an immediate feel for the subjects. ✱✱ This App will enable you how to ✱✱ âœâ€ Understand the important concepts in marketing - fast âœâ€ Avoid reading half a million words of marketing writing âœâ€ Appear impressive in meetings and generally at work âœâ€ Never be embarrassed not to have heard of or read a major new book âœâ€ Cheat fast in meetings by accessing the app under the table ✱✱ Included in this app ✱✱ âœâ€ Over 4 hours of Audio Book content âœâ€ Quick reference flip cards âœâ€ Illustrations and Chapter Overviews âœâ€ Detailed and quick reference text summaries for each item âœâ€ Quick find listings by topic, author and book titles âœâ€ Online support


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