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Mastering the 48 Laws of Power: Coworkers

This app provides you with 5 of the 30 daily audio sessions (2hrs of audio) from the full Foundations app (9 hrs of audio). Listen to them on the way ...

Discontinued App


This app provides you with 5 of the 30 daily audio sessions (2hrs of audio) from the full Foundations app (9 hrs of audio). Listen to them on the way to work: in private! These 5 sessions are designed as an independent module of learning, so you can use them again and again (each time on a different co-worker). They are all based on Robert Greene’s hard-hitting, international best-selling books: The 48 Laws Of Power, The Art of Seduction, and The 33 Strategies of War. These 5 sessions will immediately increase your real power at work, while at the same time helping you uncover the very Foundations of your power: your own unique and optimal expression of power. This system does not provide you with sugar-coated, politically correct sayings and exercises. Nor does it offer the ubiquitous “secret-formula” for rapid success still used by charlatans of today. Real, lasting power is gained by seeing the world clearly (no matter how ugly some of it may be), and by playing the game of power subtly, skillfully, and in a way that reflects your own uniqueness. Surprisingly, then you play this social game of power wisely, you not only maximize your power, but you do so in a way that is fun, AND profoundly reflects who you are. Remember: power isn’t the problem, it's powerlessness. The 5 sessions are: 1: Sources of Power (18 min) - Identify a co-worker’s primary source of power and your dependence on him or her 2: Power Relationships (18 min) - Analyze the power inherent in your current relationship with this co-worker (and how to change this relationship to increase your power) 3: Power of Presence (17 min) - Determine the net impact of a co-worker’s physical presence on your power 4: Two Power-Enhancing Strategies (21 min) - Choose the most effective, general strategy for increasing your power through your subject 5: Putting Your Strategy into Motion (21 min) - Design a simple, subtle action that will put your strategy into effect immediately - Reflect on what this 5-session process has taught you about the unique Foundations of your power! (NOTE: There are limits on the use of the 4 integrated tools in this app - but this will not hinder your mastery of these 5 sessions.) If this approach to mastering the arts of power works for you, then we strongly recommend you purchase the full Foundations app! WARNING! Action-based program Pursuing mastery requires taking real-world action: however since AMS cannot know your exact situation, this App provides you with suggested actions. These actions are specific enough to be understood, but must be adapted to fit your unique disposition and situation. Therefore, we cannot know what form your final actions will take or be responsible for any consequences. As a result, when starting the app you will be asked to sign off on a legal waiver. Rest assured however, Mastering The 48 Laws of Power is all about taking wise, subtle action. Please see www.masterthe48.com for more information, and to ask us any questions directly! Good Fortune!


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