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The “Mastering the new GRE” app can help in bringing prospective graduate students one step closer to achieving their educational and career goals. Designed ...

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The “Mastering the new GRE” app can help in bringing prospective graduate students one step closer to achieving their educational and career goals. Designed in a manner that combines learning with fun, this app has what it takes to help the students first build a sound foundation, and then gradually achieve a solid level of preparedness for the real test. Packed with feature-rich and easy-to-use modules, “Mastering the new GRE” comprehensively covers the analytical writing and verbal reasoning sections of the revised GRE test, and offers intensive practice and review for all question types, without falling into the “overly pedantic” trap. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PREPARE BY MODULES: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The various modules included in this app are: ✓ Study Wordlists :Over 2500 words to learn with their definitions and examples of how to use the words in a sentence ✓ Multiple Choice :Choose the correct definition of a word among 4 answer choices ✓ Drag N Drop :Match a word with its correct definition ✓ Flash Cards :Over 2500 words to learn and guess ✓ Reverse Challenge :Guess the meaning of a word by looking at its definition - over 2500 words covered ✓ Text Completion 1 :Over 2500 phrases to complete ✓ Text Completion 2 :100 Text Completion Tests ✓ Reading Comprehension :100 Reading Comprehension Tests with Reviews & Explanations ✓ Sentence Equivalence :100 Sentence Equivalence Questions ✓ Verbal Theory :Tips and Tactics for performing well in the analytical writing and verbal reasoning sections ✓ Dictionary :A dictionary with more than 150,000 English words These modules provide a highly effective way to prepare for the analytical writing and verbal reasoning sections of the GRE Revised General Test, and are very conducive to learning in many ways: -Help build a very solid vocabulary base using inventive and exciting features like Study Wordlists, Multiple Choice, Drag N Drop, Flash Cards and Reverse Challenge. -Give a thorough work-out with hundreds of questions reflecting the brand-new question types appearing in the real test for the sections like Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence and Reading Comprehension -Provide in-depth analysis and detailed explanations for each question that will help solidify comprehension, and hence, boost student confidence -Excellent coverage of the theory behind each section and provide tried-and-tested section-specific question answering strategies and key tips for acing the GRE exam -Include a full-blown dictionary for easy referencing and learning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DETAILED TEST RESULTS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The tests help provide instant feedback about your current competence level, and show you exactly what you need to maximize your GRE score. A summary of the practice test is presented at the end of each test. Details about the following are included: -time taken to complete the test -the overall score -questions that were answered correctly/incorrectly -the correct answers presented with full logical explanations And yes, you can E-MAIL yourself the results. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VERY EASY TO USE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -The sleek and intuitive user interface allows you to choose from several possible answers easily. -You don’t need to press too many buttons or encounter any bizarre-looking alert messages. -The app is highly interactive and requires minimum user input -Questions, answers, and explanations are linked together for easy on-device viewing -With the full-fledged dictionary, thousands of words are now available to you everywhere you go


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Version: 1.0

Size: 2.8 MB


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Developed by Pears Concept

Day of release: 2012-05-19

Recommended age: 4+

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