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UPDATED TO VERSION 2.0! Mat Stats has undergone a complete revision and is now available in version 2.0. Here are some of the changes we`ve made: ...

Discontinued App


UPDATED TO VERSION 2.0! Mat Stats has undergone a complete revision and is now available in version 2.0. Here are some of the changes we’ve made: - Updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. - Complete re-design of the user interface to make it easier to enter and manage a team of wrestlers. - Added blood time and injury time to the scoring. - Can now select the starting position of the wrestlers at the start of each period. - Can adjust the time-clock during a match. - Now you can edit the date and time of each match. - Mat Stats can now remember your location and choose that location automatically whenever adding a new match. - In addition to emailing results to yourself, you can tweet match results via Twitter. - Minor bug fixes. QUICK DESCRIPTION Mat Stats is the pre-eminent wrestling score-keeping app. With this app, you can easily keep track of a team of wrestlers and all their wrestling match results. You can quickly start a new match and keep track of all the scoring events, penalties and technical violations as they occur during a match. When complete, you can email yourself a file with all the match statistics for importing into a spreadsheet or database so you can keep a permanent record of all your wrestling matches. HOW IT WORKS Upon startup you can quickly see and edit a list of wrestlers or a list of all the matches stored on your phone. For each wrestler, you can record their first name, last name, weight and grade. You can save as many wrestlers as you like to keep track of an entire team’s performance. When adding a new match you can jump right to scoring or you can set the match’s date, time, location and choose the red and green wrestlers from your list of saved wrestlers. You can always go back after a match and edit all this information. You can set different lengths for each period and save two different lengths for overtime periods to cover sudden victory and tie-breaker overtimes. Once set, it will remain that way for any further matches you score. During a match, you record the various events that happen by tapping on that wrestler’s score and then chosing the event from a list. Mat Stats allows you to record all scoring events, starting positions, injury and blood time and all standard penalties and technical violations. It will also record team points when the match is over. The score will always remain up to date as you add events. While the match is ongoing, you can start and stop the game clock. When recording events Mat Stats will also record the period and time they occurred. You can also adjust the time clock during a match if your clock gets out of sync with the official time clock. Make a mistake? Simply swipe the event on the match scoring screen and you can delete it. The score will update automatically. When complete, you can tweet the results and email yourself a .CSV file with the following information from each event that occurred during the match: date, location, period, time, first and last name, weight and grade of the wrestler, and the points scored by that wrestler. You can then import that information into a database or spreadsheet on your computer for further analysis or future reference. Mat Stats can be your single source for easily recording all information about a wrestling match. Try it today!


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