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Math: Fractions Multiplication & Division

Learn to MULTIPLY AND DIVIDE FRACTIONS with the help of Mango Learning`s latest offering MATH FRACTIONS: MUL & DIV. HIGHLY ENGAGING GAMES ...

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Learn to MULTIPLY AND DIVIDE FRACTIONS with the help of Mango Learning’s latest offering MATH FRACTIONS: MUL & DIV. HIGHLY ENGAGING GAMES that keep kids motivated as they learn concepts of Fractions. The game’s teaching methodologies and curriculum conform to the COMMON CORE STANDARDS. A great way for teachers and parents to extend the learning beyond classroom. ** Easily grasp concepts through GAME-BASED LEARNING ** Track your performance through TESTS & ASSESSMENT ** Revise your concepts with AUDIO-VISUAL TUTORIALS ** FUN-FILLED way to learn MATH Designed for Grade Six students, this game provides kids with the building blocks structured approach to learning Fractions. Through an engaging and visually appealing format, it then walks them through concepts of Multiplication and Division of Fractions. The game is a perfect supplement to classroom learning as it is aligned to the Common Core curriculum. Several game based learning activities are designed to keep the child engaged and motivated as they learn and master the concepts. The tests and assessment features of the game are a perfect way for parents and teachers to help kids reinforce concepts. Math Fractions: Mul & Div offers a unique, GAME-BASED APPROACH of learning Fractions that will have your kid hooked-on. Key Features: * Games that conform to Common Core Standards * Carefully designed games that motivates and engages students as they learn * Learn concepts through examples and audio-visual tutorials * Vertically constructed modules that focus on broader subject area * Assessment features that help gauge child’s performance * Entertaining math-based games that help master concepts Check out the link to learn more about other apps by the same developers: http://www.mangolearning.com/mangolearning-educationalapps.html Connect with us: https://www.facebook.com/MangoLearning Follow us: https://www.twitter.com/MangoLearning Questions?: support@mangolearning.com


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