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Math Book Pro = No Calculator! Step by step journey of learning process with the help of animation. Math Book Pro is an amazing app that can help you ...

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Math Book Pro = No Calculator! Step by step journey of learning process with the help of animation. Math Book Pro is an amazing app that can help you stand out in the crowd for all age group. It is designed to give its users better understanding on working with math problem and facts. This app will guide you how to solve it against the clock without any calculator! Its not limited to solving basic math problems like division, multiplication, square, times table, it has also incorporated some math party tricks, funs and formula tricks to keep it vibrant and fun. A message to the students between grade 4 to college/university, use this app and amaze your teachers with an Wow! Download this app today to be the math genius and show around your math tricks. This app is designed with animated step by step process to help you get the most out of it. This app touches on different aspects of the maths structure. Here are the lists of different frames: Math beauty : Be amazed. This beauty will surprise you not just with a collection of beautiful patterns of numbers, you will learn how adding and multiplying between numbers will form an unbelievable beautiful pattern. You will also learn how to work out/calculate both side of an "equal sign". It's a beauty worth knowing. I can do it: Is designed to help you master in mental math. It helps you to perform division, multiplication, addition, substraction , square without a calculator. Practice this and put this into practice, you will be sure to named "Master of mental maths". Be a master to work out what is divisible and what’s not or be the master of multiplication. Be sure to use the SELECT button and play with different numbers. Party Tricks: Do you wish to play some party tricks in a genius way to amaze your party mates? If yes then be sure to play with this. For instance, would you like to show calculation on how you can prove that 2=1? Or play the "Guess a number" game. Download it, Practice and master it. Powers of Ten: Speaks for itself. Keep adding zero to 1 and learn the names of the power ten. Enjoy the interesting number list. Times Tables: Helps you keep all times tables handy, this will teach you tricks on how to remember key times tables. Formula Tricks: The most basics and simplest way of getting the best out of maths is to know the tricks to remembering formula. Such as Math operation order, Metric System order, Trigonometry formula and value of Pie. Facts and Fun: This will take you to an escalated fun level. This app shows how maths is not all about solving it with formulas and numbers. It is also about knowing the fun facts. So tap on this to keep learning about interesting maths fun facts. Test yourself: Random maths problems will come up and you have 20 seconds to answer each question. It will help you to improve your math skill. Challenge a Friend: It allows you to challenge any one who also has math book pro on their phone. Have fun, Play and beat your opponent! Moreover, practicing this app will also help you prepare for SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, number contest or any other test. Train yourself with this app and help bring out the math genius. Download this app now, practice it today+tomorrow and master it forever. You will not be disappointed. This all will give you most value for your dollar. This app is compatible for iphone 3, iphone 4, iphone 4s Thanks for artwork to http://www.thedesigninspiration.com http://pixel-mixer.com/


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