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Math Core is a complete solution for Common Core Standards for Mathematics. It is designed for individual students, teachers in a traditional class room, ...

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Math Core is a complete solution for Common Core Standards for Mathematics. It is designed for individual students, teachers in a traditional class room, and parents that home school. Math Core is a complete solution for learning and teaching Mathematics as specified by Common Core standards. Math Core is built to the exact specifications of Common Core Math standards and hence, it is fully compatible. Math Core takes each standard specified in Common Core and provides detailed lesson plan to achieve the goal. Math Core has all the information, content, and tools that you need to learn and teach Common Core based mathematics for each grade. Math Core Features: ------------------------ 1. Practice: Fun and interactive questions. Various formats of questions. 2. Common Core Standards: Provides detailed Common Core standards for each grade. Math Core breaks down each standard into individual lesson with specific set of problems. All yo have to do is to choose from those lesson. 3. Lesson plan: Teachers and parents can customize lesson plans for each students. You can house from Manual Plan or Auto Plan. 4. Performance: Performance of each student is measured in details and a complete history is recorded for tracking. Math Core keeps track of detailed performance metric for each lesson including total questions answered, score, percent completed, average time taken to answer. 5. Rewards: Both short term and long term achievements are rewarded to encourage students to do well and build good habits. 6. Multiple Students Support: For teachers there is multiple students support: each students gets their individual lesson plan and scores. Math Core Versions for each grade: -------------------------- Free version: Try all the features with limited number of free lessons. Full version 1-students pack: (in app purchase) Access all the contents and features. Supports one student. Suitable for individual student. Full version 5-students pack: (in app purchase) Suitable for small class or home schooling. Full version unlimited students pack: (in app purchase) This is for teachers in traditional school with class of any size. Supported Grades: -------------------- In this version, Math Core supports Grade 1 and 2. Our plan is to support all grades from K to 8. Please check back after each upgrade. First grade: 158 lessons Second grade: 174 lessons We would appreciate any feedback you may have for Math Core. We will continue to enhance Math Core to fulfill the needs of students and teachers. Please let us know your suggestion for additional features.


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Day of release: 2012-11-28

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