- Featured in Education and Educational Games "What's hot" lists Are you thinking about starting your preparation or looking for additional tools to boost ...

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- Featured in Education and Educational Games "What's hot" lists Are you thinking about starting your preparation or looking for additional tools to boost your study plan? Get PrepGame – a fun way to supplement your books/course and improve your performance on the test day. - Standardized tests covered: GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT - Includes 6 math topics (The first topic (Properties of Integers) is included for free and if you like it, you can unlock all other topics) PrepGame uses a unique method to turn your GMAT / GRE / ACT / SAT preparation into a fun game. Get the maximum number of stars, unlock new levels and beat highscores - all of this is possible only if you master the key tested concepts under time pressure. Instead of limited set of exam-like questions, PrepGame generates short questions (more than 1 million unique combinations) generated on-the-fly and if you take the same level over and over again – you will always see new questions and won’t be able to pass by trying to memorize the answers (except the most basic concepts that has to be memorized). You have to apply and master the learned concepts every time. (You have only 10-20 sec to crack a question). Want to improve your score even more? Look through the review section to study each question you encountered in the game. Did you guess one? Did it take too long? Make sure you know how to solve it fast! Try the Gym or see Clues. The Gym - is a great special gaming tool to improve your solving skills / timing focusing only on one specific type of questions. Clues - are not necessary explanations but usually helpful advice on how to approach questions. This version of the game contains 6 math topics: + Properties of integers; + Percents; + Probability and Counting; + Absolute Value; + Coordinate Geometry; + Venn Diagram. We keep adding more and more topics. CAUTION If you can’t unlock the last few levels, remember, they are very HARD to beat under time pressure and getting 3 starts is challenging even for experienced tutors. If you do get 3 starts on the last few levels, you are REALLY good! Are you still thinking about getting it? Come on, it's just a game, give it a try! :) If you can't solve a problem and believe that it's wrong, send us email with a screenshot and you have a chance to get $10 iTunes gift card for reporting the problem for the first time :). + The full version of the app is included in the GMAT ToolKit and GRE ToolKit apps.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4.3

Size: 12.52 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by NKO Ventures, LLC

Day of release: 2011-10-1

Recommended age: 4+

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