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Math Ocean

Math Ocean helps kids learn math in a much funny way than counting on their fingers! Through exploring different oceans, Dory, a lovely girl dolphin, ...

Discontinued App


Math Ocean helps kids learn math in a much funny way than counting on their fingers! Through exploring different oceans, Dory, a lovely girl dolphin, will lead your children to learn and practice basic math skills. Children will also meet helpers like seahorses, penguins, gold fish and other Dory's friends. They all have their little secrets! Testimonials: âœâ€ " It's big and bright and bold and easy to use and might just be the thing to keep your children amused while they are being educated." - Feedmyapp.com âœâ€ "Dory is a cute character and it’s fun to have her presenting the math problems." - theiPhonemom.com Features: ... 5 Interesting Educational Activities - ● Antarctic Ocean - Subtraction:  Let the hopping penguins jump into sea and learn how to subtract. ● Indian Ocean - Addition: Learn how to add as more fish arrive. ● Pacific Ocean - Matching: Help repairing the broken submarine by putting on the windows in correct shape and color. ● Beach - Sorting: Arrange the lovely creatures/toys in correct sequence.  ● Beach - Patterns: Complete the pattern in logical order with correct toys. ... 3 Levels of Encouragement ... 2 Levels of Difficulty ● Level 1 includes addition/subtraction with numbers up to 5 ● Level 2 includes addition/subtraction with numbers up to 10 ... Sticker Scene - Additional sticker scene that allows children retrieve their stickers at any time ... Hint Button - Tapping it (Shell with a question mark) will display or hide numbers on fish and penguins ... Originally Created Music for Children - Most of the instrumental music recorded in this app is originally composed. Played with strings and piano, these music ensures your kids to learn math in a relaxing mood. Common Core State Standards: ... Math Ocean aligns with CCSS in the following areas - K.OA.1 and K.OA.5 ( Math Ocean Addition/ Subtraction Level 1 ) - K.OA.1 and K.OA.2 ( Math Ocean Addition/Subtraction Level 2 ) - K.CC.7 ( Math Ocean Sorting ) - K.G.4 and K.G.6 ( Math Ocean Matching ) Tip for Parents: 1) Swipe Dory, the lovely dolphin, to make her swim to other oceans. 2) Touch the cloud at the upper left corner to select the activity you prefer. 3) Tap the question mark at the upper right corner to get hints. 4) Touch each ocean creature to find its own little secret. 5) This game is full of humor, relaxing original music and positive encouragements to make your kids learn math skills happier than ever before. Privacy Policy: VCare Creation takes children's privacy very seriously. Math Ocean do not collect any personal information or include in-app purchases. There's no link in Math Ocean that will lead to other web site or Apple App Store. For more info, please see our Privacy Policy: www.vcarecreation.com/privacy_policy.html


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