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~ The Most exciting math-adventure App on the Appstore ~ ~ Best selling educational math app ~ ~ Selected as New & Noteworthy! ~ Math Puppy will ...

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~ The Most exciting math-adventure App on the Appstore ~ ~ Best selling educational math app ~ ~ Selected as New & Noteworthy! ~ Math Puppy will take you on a journey of educational fun like never before! From toddlers to grade school, for Children of all ages - Math Puppy is the perfect way to build up your math skills. Your child will be able to enjoy a constructive, supportive, interactive fun filled environment while mastering the arts of basic math. What’s inside: ~ Two game types: Bingo / Challenge. ~ Full featured animated math calculator ~ Five game modes: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, All in One ~ Three well balanced difficulty levels from beginner to advanced ~ Bingo Scoreboard to keep track of results ~ Select from three adorable avatar puppies to play with you ~ Enter your name and personalize the game Math Puppy is designed with 3 difficulty levels and 5 game types that provide complete coverage of basic math skills for preschool, elementary school, grade school and more. How to play Math Puppy: Math Puppy comes with 2 full game types: ~ Math Bingo - The purpose of the game is to fill a complete row or column with math puppies and win a Bingo. Collect math puppies by matching the correct answer to the math question. ~ Math Challenge - Your challenge is to calculate the correct answer and tap it. Answer 5 questions correctly in order to pass the next level. Complete all levels to become a math expert. Sound doesn't work? Increase the volume and check that your device is not set to “Mute”. The Mute button is the switch next to the volume buttons on the side of the device. Still no sound? On the iPad it's possible that your side switch is set to lock screen rotation. In this case you can control sound volume by: Double tap the home button Swipe from left to right Tap the speaker icon to the far left It should show “Mute Off” below the play button You can also set the side switch functionality by going to “Settings > General > Use side switch to” and set it to to control mute. By downloading this application you agree to the Terms of Use of TabTale Ltd. which are available to your review on http://tabtale.com/terms-of-use.


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Version: 2.3

Size: 21.69 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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