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Math Star Division Pro

Math Star Division Pro is for Levels Kindergarten to Grade 6. Your Mission ----------- Your Mission is to 'Reach for the Stars` by learning ...

Discontinued App


Math Star Division Pro is for Levels Kindergarten to Grade 6. Your Mission ----------- Your Mission is to 'Reach for the Stars’ by learning and practicing your math skills! Our Mission ---------- Our Mission is to provide a series of Apps that help children learn Math concepts and fundamentals. Get an introduction to Math Star by watching the videos at http://www.tympica.com/MathStar/msvideos.htm Math Star Pro offers your child our unique 'Workboard' where they can practice the basics of division. The Workboard area allows your child to work out, in full, the math questions in a same format they would traditionally do with a pencil and paper. In addition, they benefit with immediate feedback if their answer is correct. Key Features ----------- -Focus is on learning the basics of mathematics -Random questions -Auto-Entry for quick and intuitive entry -5 Levels -The child must work through the questions to learn the procedure, there are no multiple choice answer Call for Help! ----------- We want feedback from the community of Math Star users. What features do you like, what features do you not like, what features would you like to see. With the Math Star community support, we want to make relevant products. Talk to Us at talktous_mathstar@tympica.com. Privacy Notes ----------- -No information about the device or user is collected -No advertisement are used for generating revenue, revenue is made only through the sales of our Apps There are no connections with any social networks -There are no in-app purchases. Full features are obtained by purchasing the Pro versions of the Apps.


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Version: 1.2

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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