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Math for 1st grade

Alan's World 2 is a fun kids math game, helping children build common core standard math learning skills. The app provides a fun learning environment ...

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Alan's World 2 is a fun kids math game, helping children build common core standard math learning skills. The app provides a fun learning environment filled with games designed to teach kids how to count and compare numbers, match numbers to quantities, addition and subtraction. NOTE FOR TEACHERS: You can login and setup individual profiles, to get email reports for each child's progress Alan the Owl takes children on a fantastic learning adventure, to rescue his friend Harry from the evil wrath of Dondo, by helping Alan solve math puzzles, counting numbers. Children can play different types of math games and puzzles, learn addition & subtraction, each set in a beautifully illustrated landscape. Each game is designed to further develops children’s analytical, cognitive and problem solving skills Features: 1. Personalized Learning - Each level adjusts difficulty level according to child’s ability. 2. Hints - Alan provides kids with hints which help them get to the right solution for each problem 3. Characters - A bevy of cute, easily recognizable everyday characters help children on their math quests 4. Interactive - All characters have unique sounds and animations in order help children identify them 5. Tutorials - Each game comes with a video tutorial explaining how to play 6. Voiceovers - Alan voices all questions and hints to help children understand 7. Rewards - Medals are given at the end of each level, based on performance 8. Coins - Kids collects coins in all games, which can be used to unlock even more game 9. Bonus - Kids get bonus coins for getting as many right in a row as they can Games: 1. Match 'n Count: Use your counting skills to figure out the number of objects in each group and match them to similar ones underneath. Kids will learn to count to tell the number of objects and compare groups 2. Chosen Ones: Alan asks kids to move the groups with a specific number of objects on the other side of the fence. Children will learn to pair numbers with groups of objects. 3. How many?: Count the number of things in each group, and then match them to the right numbers by dragging them on top. Children will learn to count groups of objects and connect them with numbers 4. Match 'n Add: Alan asks kids to count number of objects in each group in 6 different groups, and add them to make a total. Kids will learn to add fluently from 1-10 5. Free Sam 6. 1's, 10's, 100's: Children are provided with three different block formations: 1, 10 and 100. Alan will ask to make a specific total using the blocks. Kids will learn how to compose and decompose numbers from 1-1000, understand two digit numbers are made of pairs of 10’s and 1’s and three-digit numbers are made of pairs of 100’s, 10’s and 1’s 7. Count till you drop: Children tap on objects in holes, and each individual object contains a specific number. The numbers will all be read aloud so children can understand how each number follows the one before it. Children also learn to read numbers from 1-1000 and voice the numerals associated with 8. Adding blocks: 3 different number formations to be made using blocks of 1,5,10,20,50 and 100. Children will learn how to count and add from 1-1000 by building the total through visual stacks of blocks. Given a number, they will learn to mentally find 1-100 more or less than the given number by adding. All games are based on the Common Core standards and are designed to teach core mathematical components important for developing analytical skills required of ages 4 to 6. These include: Counting and Cardinality (K.CC.A.1, K.CC.A.2, K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.5, K.CC.C.6, K.CC.C.7), Operations and Algebraic Thinking (K.OA, 1.OA.1/2/5), K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2, K.OA.A.3, K.OA.A.4, K.OA.A.5), 1.OA.A.1/2 Numbers and Operators in Base Ten K.NBT.A.1, 1.NBT.B.2a/b/c, 1.NBT.B.3, 1.NBT.C.4, 1.NBT.C.5, 1.NBT.C.6


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