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MathGirl Addition House

GeekMom.com: "fantastic" "a lot of fun for kids of a variety of ages" theiPhoneMom.com: "great fun" "a fantastic math resource" HyperHomeschool.com: "every ...

Discontinued App


GeekMom.com: "fantastic" "a lot of fun for kids of a variety of ages" theiPhoneMom.com: "great fun" "a fantastic math resource" HyperHomeschool.com: "every educators dream!" and "an exciting alternative to flash cards and the traditional 'drill-n-kill' approach to learning." Her second grader called Addition House "addicting" FunEducationalApps.com: "For kids it's not a math game, it's a fun game." "...stimulating and will help children add faster and faster" "extends the game play and lets children create and build their own environment." Addition House makes every girl a MathGirl! Build your own customized play house by getting faster at adding flowers. A fun game designed for girls + an engaging “right-brain” approach to numbers + cute, fresh graphics = Math Success A 5-year-old can tackle the first 2 to 5 levels. Older girls will get faster and fluent at adding. All players discover that buying and selling items for the house is a math game too. Watch out, parents! You might find yourselves sneaking in a few games. Addition House will help players move from counting on figures to visualizing how many. Players move from 1+1 to 99+9 by exploring groupings of flowers. If you have MathGirl Number Garden, you can sync and view your garden and house together. In Addition House: Count flowers in patterns, then add more flowers to get the answer. Get faster by recognizing patterns. Earn hearts for right answers. Earn more hearts as you get faster. Play 12 levels, from sums to 5 to sums to 99. Replay levels to get faster and make more hearts. Use hearts to "buy" items for your house. "Sell" items to upgrade to bigger items. Play in and save your personal house. Save houses for up to 4 players. Sync to Number Garden to view your house and garden. House items: House paint: 6 colors Front doors: 4 colors Welcome mat Door windows Hearts and stars in three sizes and 6 colors Roof in 3 colors and 2 multicolors Windows: 4 square and 4 rounded in 4 colors Shutters: 4 square and 4 rounded in 4 colors Flowers: 3 kinds Roses: Pink and white Butterfly, dragonfly, bunny, bee, snail Window boxes with flowers White picket fence Walkway Castle tower Mailbox No Boys sign Levels: Sums to 5 Sums to 6 and 7 Sums to 8 and 9 Sums to 9 and 10 Speed Round to 10 +5, +10 +4, +9 +6, +7 +3, +8 Speed Round to 20 10s 10s Plus Double Doubles Tricky Doubles Speed Round to 99 Icanology LLC is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Recommended Ages: 4-7, 8-10, all (Addition House may be too difficult for 4- and 5- year olds.) Categories: Math, Counting, Addition, Multiplication, Games (Addition House can be used to prepare for multiplication. Children struggling with mastering multiplication may benefit.)


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