MathSmart: First Grade

MathSmart is a fun adaptive learning tool for the first grader. MathSmart is designed to help all kids learn first grade math. Not all kids learn the ...

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MathSmart is a fun adaptive learning tool for the first grader. MathSmart is designed to help all kids learn first grade math. Not all kids learn the same way and MathSmart is designed to match the needs of the kid. MathSmart applies the organic teaching method that nurtures the hidden talent and innate intelligence of every kid. MathSmart breaks down first grade math in 60 built-in difficulty levels and finds the difficulty level that suites the individual student. To do that MathSmart comes with a unique adaptive engine that learns about the student with time and matches the learning speed to each student. As a result, the question MathSmart asks depends on how the student performs. MathSmart is not a flash card app -- it is a unique adaptive teaching engine. So the more the student uses it, the better the app adapts to the student's need. Features: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • 60 difficulty levels from easy counting to understanding equivalence of operations • Adaptive engine to match the comfort level of the student • Covers everything needed for first grade • Detailed report card • You can select any of the 15 topics and any of the difficulty level for each topic • Overall performance and detailed score (0-100) for each 15 topics and each difficulty level for each topic • Support for multiple student accounts (in-app purchase) • Personalize each student account with picture ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MathSmart covers all the topics for the First Grade: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Counting and Comparing: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Counting: Count up to 100 2. Counting: One more, 2 more 3. Counting: Skip counting (2, 5, 10) 4. Comparison: Compare two numbers 5. Comparison: Find larger, smaller, or equal number ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Addition: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. Addition: Add 1, add 10 7. Addition: Single digit (up to 20) 8. Addition: Two digits (up to 100) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Subtraction: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9. Subtraction: Subtract 1 and 10 10. Subtraction: Single digit result (up to 100) 11. Subtraction: Two digits result (up to 100) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Advanced Mental Math: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12. Equation: Match operation 13. Equation: Find number 14. Equivalence: Find number (up to 20) 15. Equation: Find both digits of a number ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please contact us if you have any problem. We appreciate any feedback: suggestions, corrections, or comments you may have.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2

Size: 9.25 MB


Price: 0,82 €

Developed by Merakee LLC

Day of release: 2009-08-21

Recommended age: 4+

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