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Mathdots Visual Calculator

See a demo video at www.youtube.com/passingscore of our patent pending app. Help your kids take a leap forward with Mathdots, an innovative visual tool ...

Discontinued App


See a demo video at www.youtube.com/passingscore of our patent pending app. Help your kids take a leap forward with Mathdots, an innovative visual tool for learning basic math. With Mathdots you're not just memorizing equations you are helping students engage dynamically with math. Why not show kids what their math calculations are doing? For visual learners, Mathdots shows you what your math operations really mean. Division and Subtraction means less dots appear while Multiplication and Addition grows the number of dots. You can see all of your operations appear while the dots arrange themselves to equal each calculation performed by the student. This makes it clear what all those calculations are doing and teaches math visually. "Mathdots meets the needs of students who are visual learners. By demonstrating each equation three distinctly different ways, my students are viewing Math differently with accuracy and confidence." - Jennifer Strommen, Middle School Teacher Mathdots takes advantage of multitouch gestures, colors and sound to drive a deeper understanding of basic math concepts. Just swipe diagonally and you've done multiplication! Drag a few dots to the left and you've subtracted. All the while the total is displayed on the chalkboard above. We've focused on basic operations to start but more complex calculations and operations will be on the way to grow along with you. Features: - A new way to visually represent your math calculations - Multi-touch fully integrated into a math tool - Addition is just a simple drag to the right - Subtraction as you might guess is dragging to the left - Divide by swiping up between the dots - Multiply by dragging down and to the right - Helpful protractor guide will remind you where to go Benefits: - Intuitive and visual new way to develop basic math skills - Fun to use with iPad gestures, animation and sound - See your math calculations in 3 ways: a running equation on the chalkboard, a numerical answer and as a group of dots representing the answer on the Mathdots board. - Drag and tap are the way kids know how to use a computer with no training - Easy for kids to see the results of their math work as they go We'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions for our next version. Let us know what you'd like to see in upcoming releases at john@passingscoreapps.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 6.02 MB


Price: 1,81 €

Developed by Passing Score LLC

Day of release: 2012-06-16

Recommended age: 4+

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