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Stories. Short films. Interviews. Comics. Readings. Bad advice. All delivered straight to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. No more lonely moments. --- ...

Discontinued App


Stories. Short films. Interviews. Comics. Readings. Bad advice. All delivered straight to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. No more lonely moments. --- Start now and receive: The current week's item; plus Raw Water, a story by Wells Tower --- ** THE APP IS NOW FREE AND COMES WITH A ONE-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO THE SMALL CHAIR. ** HOW IT WORKS Each week you’ll receive exclusive multimedia — stories, films, readings, interviews, art — plus new humor pieces from our website every day. This free app includes one month of weekly Small Chair content, plus semi-eternal delivery of the website material, plus deluxe access to our classy e-book store. We’ll use Push Notifications to let you know each time a new piece is ready. FEATURED SO FAR Spike Jonze, Chris Ware, Judd Apatow, Jonathan Ames, Maurice Sendak, Michael Cera, Miranda July, James Franco, Anthony Bourdain, Ricky Jay, Nicholson Baker, Wells Tower, Catherine Keener, Weird Al Yankovic, Francis Ford Coppola, a deep-sea spatulator, and much much more. STRIDING BOLDLY INTO A TERRIFYING FUTURE OF ROBOTIC TEXTS In our continuing efforts to extend a tentacle into every cranny of human experience, we proudly present the Small Chair, a weekly selection from all branches of the McSweeney’s family. One week you might receive a story from the upcoming Quarterly, the next week an interview from the Believer, the next a short film from a future Wholphin. Occasionally, it might be a song, an art portfolio, who knows. None of this material will be available online and it’s all pretty sure to be good stuff. The app also delivers the daily humor from our Internet Tendency, specially formatted for your iOS device, along with news, updates, and announcements. This feature will remain active and free, even if your Small Chair subscription expires. Finally, we offer a small library of handpicked e-books, designed specifically for this platform, available as in-app purchases. Allow the Small Chair to fill your moments of solitude, moments of togetherness, moments of intolerable boredom. Your first month of weekly excitement is included. Subscriptions can be renewed every six months for $2.99 (or local equivalent.) McSWEENEY'S McSweeney’s is an independent publishing house based in San Francisco. Our converted laundromat is home to the Quarterly (mostly short fiction), the Believer (monthly interviews, reviews, columns, and essays), Wholphin (DVD quarterly of short films by Miranda July, Spike Jonze, Alexander Payne, and others), Lucky Peach (quarterly food magazine), and books by authors including Nick Hornby, William Vollmann, and Michael Chabon. Find out more and watch a screencast of the app at: http://app.mcsweeneys.net By McSweeney's and Russell Quinn.


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