The MedEdEthics App is based on the Virtual Patient (VP) concept. The App has been designed, developed and created as part of the JISC funded Generation ...

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The MedEdEthics App is based on the Virtual Patient (VP) concept. The App has been designed, developed and created as part of the JISC funded Generation 4.5 project by the e-Learning Unit (eLU) at St George's, University of London (SGUL) and Intelligent Business Optimisation System Solutions (IBOSS). A Virtual Patient is an interactive, web-based, simulation of clinical scenarios which may be used in medical education. The Ethics Virtual Patient (EVP) is a virtual patient concentrating on healthcare ethics, healthcare law and healthcare professionalism. The EVP cases may be used in both the undergraduate and postgraduate context. The purpose of MedEdEthics is to deliver a suite of interactive EVP cases derived from a collection of cases created at SGUL and covering a variety of ethical, legal and professional issues and scenarios. The App consists of a combination of text and video based ethics virtual patients that have been authored by ethics experts at SGUL, and allow you to play real-life patient cases and make decisions by yourself like you WOULD consult in a real-time scenario. The App is primarily aimed at providing additional learning experience/training for students pursuing Medical Ethics and Law in their undergraduate/post graduate curriculum. The design and layout for the App has been kept simple and user-friendly to provide the users with a pleasant and fulfilling learning experience. There is no need of signing-up to be able to use the App, and the downloaded cases can be played even without a 3G/Wi-Fi connection.

 MedEdEthics offer the following list of functionality and features:

 - Download and learn cases with real-life ethical issues 
- Play through various decision points and get to consult a VP like in real-life scenarios
 - Videos for detailed case explanation - Keyword search 
 - Earn scores for each decision you make while playing 
 - Keep a record of the scores
 - View statistical analysis after finishing a case - 
No need of 3G/Wi-Fi connections after downloading a case
Simple and easy navigation panel
Regular additions to case bank
 - No further subscription after downloading the app
 - Cases constantly reviewed to ensure they’re up-to-date

 The App brings a novel and innovative learning experience with added value from real-patient cases. Happy learning, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback, and suggestions. 

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Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 1.17 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by St George's, University of London

Day of release: 2013-05-7

Recommended age: 17+

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