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Meditation by Tami Starr (audiobook)

Audiobook: Meditation by Tami Starr [unabridged] Duration: 36 min. ABOUT THE BOOK: This Guided Meditation audiobook is simple and non-religious, and ...

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Audiobook: Meditation by Tami Starr [unabridged] Duration: 36 min. ABOUT THE BOOK: This Guided Meditation audiobook is simple and non-religious, and was specifically created to help overcome the difficulties many people perceive or experience when considering meditation. Any person can follow this meditation, whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator. It is concise and flexible, allowing you to experience meditation anywhere and any time without set expectations, and being just twenty minutes it is practical for today’s hectic world, even on the busiest of days. This meditation technique begins with a basic muscle relaxation to help you learn how to relax your body and release tension (a relaxed body is more conducive to relaxing the mind). You are then guided to focus on your breath, which provides you with an “anchor”, if and when your mind wanders from thought to thought (which happens naturally in everyone, but gradually decreases with practice). Through this action you learn to shift your focus away from your thoughts towards your internal quiet space (a life skill that can be used daily, not necessarily as part of your meditation). Tuning into your breath, the natural rhythm within you has many positive outcomes: * An immediate calming effect on the mind and body * Enhances your focus and helps you clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and emotions * Helps you become more in tune with your physical body, promoting an increase in your internal well-being Using these two basic principles, relaxing the body and listening to your breath, you can achieve an immediate feeling of physical relaxation and mental calmness. During the Meditation, you will not hear background music or noise, and the reason for this is to help you focus, feel and listen only to your breath without any distractions. When focusing on, feeling and listening to your breath, your whole body becomes absorbed in your unique body rhythm. This experience increases your awareness – of your self, your body and your life. The five key skills you learn through Five Point Star Meditation audiobook are: * to relax your whole body from the daily physical, mental and emotional stress * to feel your body and become more “in tune” with it * to listen to your breath, a natural and constant rhythm within you that has an immediate calming effect * to refocus your attention away from internal chatter, helping you gain a clearer perspective * to experience a quiet place, free from worries, thoughts and stress Please note: - the application supports playback with locked screen - the application doesn’t include text of the book. The complete list of the audiobook applications can be found on our site: my-audio-books.com We'll appreciate your feedback, sent to support@my-audio-books.com This book was provided by SonicBooks Ltd. All rights reserved.


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