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Meetings helps you create structured meeting notes that are consistent, clear, and fully searchable. Note who was there, what was said, and what needs ...

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Meetings helps you create structured meeting notes that are consistent, clear, and fully searchable. Note who was there, what was said, and what needs to happen next. Imagine holding a record of key decisions over the past year in your hand. RECORD, RETAIN, AND RECALL Give your meeting notes a title, adjust the date and time, add attendees, and create action items. You can pick the things you need for each document you create. Everything is searchable so you can later find meetings that mention 'deliverables' or 'hiring' or just those that 'Emma Avery' attended. HE SAID, SHE SAID Add attendees from your address book. While typing notes you can access and insert attendee names directly into the document with a tap. NEXT STEPS You can create a list of action items so you'll know what needs to happen before the next meeting. If you need to, add a due date or notes to each task. You can also assign an attendee (or someone else) to the action item so that you'll remember who's responsible. NOTEBOOKS FOR WORK Your notes are written in notebooks that you can rename and reorder. This makes creating a notebook for each project, client, department, or key issues easy. SHARE WITH THE TEAM Email or print a copy of your notes. There's a button to send-to-all-attendees if you need it. Draft an agenda, add attendees, and email it to them prior to the meeting. Afterward, you can send everyone a copy of the meeting minutes and action items. SIMPLE BY DEFAULT A new meeting document starts with a title and your notes. Show or hide content sections as you need. If all you want is notes, hide the title. If you need to add attendees or a section with tasks you can. MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION Maybe it's your job to take detailed notes, or maybe you're organized. Having a record to refer to and send out will help you get the recognition you deserve. WASTE LESS TIME Structured notes help you focus on key decisions and actionable next steps. If you find it difficult to distill a meeting into anything of substance you'll at least be able to make helping the team do better next time a goal. FEATURES * Multiple notebooks to keep notes organized * Notes documents can have a title, attendees, notes, and/or action items * Show or hide sections to tailor a set of notes to your needs * Add meeting attendees from your address book * Uncheck an attendee if they weren’t present and they’ll be greyed out * Extended keyboard buttons help you indent text and add bullet lists * Keyboard buttons aid text navigation; move cursor by character or whole words * Quickly insert person’s name into notes as you write with attendee button * Tap timestamp button to insert time into meeting minutes * Action items can be assigned to an attendee or someone from your contacts * Action items can have additional notes and a specific due date * You can reorder or delete action items * Fast search; enable instant search for partial-word matches as you type * Search results show context around your search term * Email your notes to someone or to all attendees * You can attach a .txt or .pdf version of your notes to outgoing emails * You can print your notes with the built-in printer support * Also works great with an external bluetooth keyboard * Automatic daily backups if you choose to enable Dropbox * You can send a PDF of any note to Dropbox * If you have the Box app, you can send your PDFs to your Box account FULLY SUPPORTED I'm always here if you need me - steven@slidetorock.com If you have any problems I'll fix them as quickly as possible. You can also help guide product development with your suggestions. I have some neat things planned and it'd be great if they lined up with what you want. Thanks for reading!


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