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Need help with organizing your revising material? Memo+ Lite is the tool you are looking for! Easy, effective and handy. Easy - readable screens and ...

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Need help with organizing your revising material? Memo+ Lite is the tool you are looking for! Easy, effective and handy. Easy - readable screens and intuitive navigation. Effective - you memorize better and quicker. Handy - you can revise anywhere, anytime. ========================================= APLIKACJA zawiera POLSKĄ wersję językową. ========================================= Memo+ Lite is an iPhone/iPad app aimed at facilitating memorization of large portions of: - vocabulary and phrases for foreign language learners, translators, interpreters, etc. - content for tests and exams for university and school students, regardless of subject and level - any content that requires memorizing (various professional areas) The content is ideally suited to your needs because you generate it yourself, or you receive it from another person authorized to feed the material into the system. --------------------------------------------------- Start learning systematically and more effectively right now! --------------------------------------------------- Memo+ Lite saves your question cards in groups on two levels, keeping you organized. The levels are: - card sets – contain question cards linked to each other, e.g. “Dynamics” – contains questions related to this area of physics - groups of sets – contain card sets that are related to each other by subject, e.g. “Physics” group contains different question sets related to physics Functionality: - question cards creation with user’s own question and answer - grouping of cards in card sets related to one subject - grouping of card sets under user’s own names - management of cards, sets and groups – creating, editing, removing - three learning modes: * continuous repetition of questions from given question set; especially useful for quick repetition before an exam * learning with scheduled repetition sessions; gaps between repetition sessions are set by the application taking into consideration individual learning score; scientifically- proven repetition method with gaps between repetition sessions (spaced repetition); this allows you to remember the content better * countdown learning mode added where questions are asked within a limited, pre-defined amount of time, if no answer is given then, the next question is automatically displayed;  - learning results display, statistics - Memo+ Lite is limited to maximum: 1 group of sets, 5 question sets with 20 question cards in each set (in total maximum 100 question cards) - export of data to Memo+ full version


Technical specifications

Version: 1.35

Size: 22.13 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Controlsoft

Day of release: 2012-12-21

Recommended age: 4+

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