Memollow is a 2013 Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor award! App of The Week on iHeartThisApp Squish the pillow in Memollow - the first memory game ...

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Memollow is a 2013 Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor award! App of The Week on iHeartThisApp Squish the pillow in Memollow - the first memory game in the world on pillows! 10 Exciting Themes for children, including CARS and PONIES. Memollow comes from the most popular game for kids - memory, enriched with a pillow which replaced a traditional card. A kid may choose a favourite theme and play memory. "We carefully studied what makes kids really happy. We found that simplicity of a game is one thing. But they have already got their likes, favourites, heroes and so on. Eventually we came out with ten themes of popular children interests, including cars and ponies of course…" said Kasia, lead graphic designer at KiooiK. SAFE APP - no in-app purchase You may leave your child alone with Memollow safely. Pay once for the game and all features will be available. "Definitely enjoyment of playing a game is essential, that is why we decided to not interrupt a kid playing Memollow with any in-app purchase buttons, pop-ups or easy reachable links", said Jakub, captain of KiooiK. NON-COMPETITIVE – only learn and fun This game is free of timers, countdown clocks and any kind of scoring, meaning each child gets to just enjoy the experience - perfect for those aged 1-6. Playing with a beautiful, hand-made graphics increases positive engagement of the child. Your child will develope abstract thinking skill, memory dexterity and focusing ability. All of them help children in future education and life indeed. SURPRISE - special reward We reward every one who finishes each game with a special animation played by Boonky, a tv-creature. "Children loves short stories. Probably because it is easy to link a cause and effect of a plot. We analogically started designing Memollow. In order to not overgame children, we prefer them to feel about a game as a process and Memollow does it. The best bit is after each game, which invites the player to start another journey, at the same time not making child addicted" said Joanna, animator at KiooiK. FEATURES: * 10 popular themes including: cars, ponies, transport, dolls, wild animals or dinosaurs… and letters and numbers. * More than 100 amazing images on pillows * Special reward from BoonkyTV * Hand-made graphics and animations * Comfortable music for children MORE ABOUT Memollow: FOLLOW US: WATCH US: CONTACT US:


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 154.79 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Talkman Language Solutions Ltd.

Day of release: 2012-10-10

Recommended age: 4+

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