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Many apps help your store and sort information. Yet, the best memory is still your brain. You can misplace your tablet (hope not), but your brain is always ...

Discontinued App


Many apps help your store and sort information. Yet, the best memory is still your brain. You can misplace your tablet (hope not), but your brain is always with you. So the best way to store information permanently is still your brain. Start putting things in there. This app helps you do this. This app helps you memorize snippet of text - phrases, passages, quotes and other text. We call this a “MemoryByte” in this app (or MemoryBytes for more than one MemoryByte). It doesn't just store the text. Storing the text does nothing to improve your memory. It contains features that help you learn and train your memories. You can even test yourself using the app. And even more great features are planned. It is true that the more you read or go through something, the better you remember something. This app provides an environment that enables this active learning. Get it now. The price won't stay this low forever! Features: • Store quotes, phrases, other text base information that you want to learn or memorized (which we called "MemoryByte" in this app). • Organize the MemoryByte into categories of your own choice. • Enable you to go through the MemoryByte one by one. • Hide the MemoryByte as you are going along. This allows you to test your memory as you learn. (This is, of course, not the only testing available. See below) • Test capabilities. When you think you are ready, you can test your memory using the build-in test engine. • Hints. If you get stuck when doing the test, you can request hints but it will affect your performance score. The app will show you the MemoryByte with the words blanked out and/or with one of the word showing up. (The word that get revealed is randomized. It is entirely possible that the same word keep showing up or it is a word you already know. This is by design to add an element of chance to the app and to discourage the use of hints where possible so as to maximize your learning.) • Feedback of your performance. The test engine compares what you have entered against the MemoryByte and let you know your performance by giving you a score (which is generated by a proprietary algorithm that considers many variables like number of words in the MemoryByte that you remember correctly, number of hints requested, etc). • Performance tracking. Your recent scores under level 2 test are saved so you can track your performance over time. • Comprehensive help. Detail help is provided should you require it.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 3.97 MB


Price: 1,81 €

Developed by Absolute Ripple Pty Ltd

Day of release: 2012-02-10

Recommended age: 4+

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