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Ever wondered if there`s an easy way to work out your 9 times table without actually having to know it? Do you struggle to work out how much you ...

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Ever wondered if there’s an easy way to work out your 9 times table without actually having to know it? Do you struggle to work out how much you should tip in a restaurant? Ever wondered how to calculate percentages in your head in just seconds? Does estimating fill you with dread? Math needn't be difficult - Sometimes you don't have to do it the hard way because there are easier ways to work out difficult sums - you just need to know how! Worry no more! This unique app gives you loads of techniques to apply to every day life which help you work things out. And the best thing is that you don’t need to know any math! The app explains all the cheats and will enable anyone to work out what VAT at 17.5% is without knowing any difficult math. Learn how to work things out in your head and learn all the shortcut ways of cheating at math. These techniques will show you how you can use your fingers to work out simple multiplication and many other techniques to take the pain from day-to-day sums and calculations. Discover techniques to do math in your head quickly or learn tricks to work out what sounds impossible in your head. For math lovers and math haters alike. This app will entertain and provide quick techniques and fun tricks for anyone interested in math as well as helping out those who struggle with math with new and unexpected cheats. Sometimes the easy way is fine! You won't fail your exam because you know these tricks. You'll probably just do better and save some of those precious brain cells for things that really matter! Impress your friends, help your children with their homework, feel embarrassed no more over that restaurant tip. You’ll be able to apply the techniques to all sorts of situations and once you’ve practiced you’ll never forget. Mental math tricks is an indispensable app for anyone wanting to improve their mental arithmetic without having to understand the math! Some additional functionality to access to external information sources is only available over WiFi and not cellular networks. Free access to many mental math tricks - unlock ALL content via just ONE in-app purchase.


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