MetroBaby is the ideal app when you need to entertain or distract a baby or toddler. With interactive animation and audio it’s just right for young minds. ...

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MetroBaby is the ideal app when you need to entertain or distract a baby or toddler. With interactive animation and audio it’s just right for young minds. Similar to the books and games you see for babies and toddlers where they press a button and audio is played, MetroBaby goes further. When an animal is pressed the image takes precedence on the screen while a real audio track of the animal is played. Initially you have access to the mini MetroBaby game. Two tiles shows an animal as a fun cartoon from a selection of four possible types. In the Classic MetroBaby all fourteen animals are available and four are randomly shown at any one time. It’s just the right amount for a young child. They’ll start pressing the screen to their favourite animal and imitating their sounds! An extra ten animals is available via a one-time in-app purchase. The main MetroBaby game will then show a variety of fourteen cartoon animals. Further, with the in-app purchase you also have an additional collection of games for entertaining youngsters. With adult supervision these games also help a child’s learning as to which animals are which, aiding memory and coordination skills. The extra games are: - Classic MetroBaby. The four tile version of the MetroBaby game. - Match 6 and Match 12. Can you find two matching animals under the tiles? The child has to remember where they last seen the animal they need to create a match. 6 tiles is easy, but 12 will challenge even the adults! - Shuffle Tile. The animal’s picture has become broken and needs rebuilt. Simply move the right tile back in to its correct position. - Rain Drop. The animals are trapped inside a raindrop and need your help for freedom! Tap on the raindrop to plink it and free the animal. Tested on real babies MetroBaby really does work! They’ll look for you to display the app to them, and start copying the animal’s noises MetroBaby plays. Babies and toddlers are bundles of energy. They’ll jump from one toy to the next and back again. What’s telling is that when they’ve been playing with MetroBaby and they move on to another toy for a moment, they come back and point at the iPhone wanting to see MetroBaby again. They love repetition. But the most remarkable thing about MetroBaby, and something that to be honest we couldn’t have imagined, was using it to calm a baby after a fall. You can try the soft toys but they don’t work, but MetroBaby does. Not just once, but every time after a bump or fall when the baby is starting to cry we’ve taken out MetroBaby and showed it. Instantly they want to play with the app, and instantly they’re forgetting about why they were crying. It really is quite amazing. When you’re out and about and need to entertain a baby or toddler, or need to calm them down after a fall, MetroBaby will help you. Even if you’re just the uncle, aunt or family friend helping out, MetroBaby is the application that you can easily carry with you for entertaining and distracting them. To use MetroBaby we recommend that an adult holds the iPhone (or iPad) while encouraging the child to press an animal. Demonstrating the app yourself the child quickly learns how to interact with MetroBaby. You too can imitate the animals in MetroBaby! Babies and toddlers love MetroBaby. Also tested on grandparents.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.6

Size: 6.64 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by J.S. Technology Ltd.

Day of release: 2013-06-6

Recommended age: 4+

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