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Metropolicy Metropolicy is the long awaited App based on the legendary Metropolitan World Atlas: a dynamic and interactive survey of 101 metropolitan ...

Discontinued App


Metropolicy Metropolicy is the long awaited App based on the legendary Metropolitan World Atlas: a dynamic and interactive survey of 101 metropolitan areas to support contemporary metropolitan development and policy. Despite the burgeoning interest in metropolitan growth and globalization there had been no way of directly comparing metropolises until in 2004 the first edition of the Metropolitan World Atlas was published. Now in 2013 Metropolicy -derived from the international best selling book "Metropolitan World Atlas"- offers a unique interactive survey of global trade and transport networks and their impact on the local metropolitan space and urban plan. Metropolicy documents a total of 101 metropolises, analyzing them in easy-to-read ground plans. Metropolicy also includes index numbers and tables regarding such aspects as population, density, pollution, travel time, data traffic, air and water travel and the size of Central Business Districts. Its unexpected combination of ground plans and statistics makes this atlas a unique work of reference where for the first time metropolitan areas like Beijing, Lagos, London, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo can be compared with one another and in terms of their position in the global urban network resulting in astonishing new insights that can endlessly be combined to serve policy makers, planners, architects students and everyone interested in the urban world in which we live. Features: - Comparing up to 101 metropolitan areas on more than 50 variables both in terms of data as well as maps - Comparing urban plans at 1:750.000 scale in a 140 km x 160 km frame with uniform legends. - Add and supply new and recent data - Contribute to future development by sharing knowledge - The access to unique personal and customized comparison and insights by request - Access to the last unique stamped, sleeved, numbered and signed by the author original hard copies of the Metropolitan World Atlas. - Become part of the Metropolitan World Network Examples of insights: - Chicago, Paris and Hong Kong have a similar amount of inhabitants but have completely different urban patters because of the population density that differs. This becomes clear in both numerical values as well as the different "size" of their urban patterns. - Tokyo-Yokohama harbors only two international airports while with 33.2 Mln inhabitants being the biggest city in the world according to the sources used. while for example Detroit with only 5,4 Mln inhabitants harbors 12 international airports. This difference results in different local flight movements and eventually results in different pollution values and local commuting times. With the endless possibilities of combinations of comparing the 101 metropolitan areas documented this is a valuable tool for not only policy makers but above all for anyone personally or professionally involved in metropolitan development and international business. For unique and customized comparisons a request can be sent directly through Metropolicy for fast and direct communication with our experts who will gladly share their insights, experience and expertise to serve and support customized metropolitan policy and urban planning, international business development and educational purposes.


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