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The Michael Miller Pilates Library is free, and comes with the text from Joseph Pilates' book "Return to Life Through Contrology" and his image in a sculpture ...

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The Michael Miller Pilates Library is free, and comes with the text from Joseph Pilates' book "Return to Life Through Contrology" and his image in a sculpture by John R. Terken, the text from Michael Miller's view of Pilates as an Idea, and his trademark image of body dynamics. 44 In-App Purchases Available 1 Sign Language 29 Dictionaries (original work of JHP) 8 Audios 1 Eye Test 3 Theory 1 Private 1 Ad Dictionary In-App Purchases (those colored in black) document the original work of Joseph Pilates: his film, his photos, his words reproduced by Michael Miller and his collaborators over the last 30 years . The MMP Dictionaries are unique, comprehensive, and historically accurate. MAT BEGINNER MAT BEGINNER GOLD MAT INTERMEDIATE MAT INTERMEDIATE GOLD MAT ADVANCED MAT ADVANCED GOLD REFORMER REFORMER GOLD CADILLAC CADILLAC GOLD CHAIR GOLD SPRINGS ONLY BARRELS PEDIPUL * A learning tool and a point of reference. * Drawn from a comprehensive body of the original work. * A powerful and flexible tool. * A readily accessible library that you can take with you. * Use it to learn, to teach, and to validate your intuition. You can rely on the historical accuracy, visual quality, and global consistency of the Michael Miller Pilates brand to bring you learning, performance and teaching aids unmatched in the Pilates world. ------- THE MAT The Lite packs give you names and photos of the exercises. Once you have more than one pack you can sort the exercises by level or in sequence. The Gold packs give you everything in the Lite packs plus video and audio supplements. (So, if you order the Gold packs you don’t need the Lite packs.) The video clips are taken from the Michael Miller Pilates DVD “The Mat is the Method” where you get to see exercises on the difference pieces of equipment that lead to the mat exercise. (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair & Barrel) This feature becomes valuable when you or your client can’t do a mat exercise and you are looking for alternatives. THE REFORMER Complete list with traditional names and stunning photos of all classical exercises, including Headstands, Short Bridge, and Up Bend. Also included are Michael Miller Pilates additions of Spider and Falling Star. 91 exercises, 16 with added movement as level of difficulty increases. Instant level selection from one to five. Some exercises have one or more video demonstrations. View exercises filtered and ordered in each level so you know what sequence of exercises to do (or teach) at what level. Scroll up to expose the search bar in all lists. THE CADILLAC 73 traditional exercises viewed by support, level, or mat. Support: Push Through Bar, Roll Down Bar, Leg Springs, Arm Springs, Hanging and Inversions. Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Mat: as seen through the sequence of the mat. CADILLAC GOLD has everything in the CADILLAC description below, plus video clips for most exercises. CHAIR GOLD 45 original exercises of Joseph Pilates on his Low Chair. Video clips for most exercises. View by Archival order, Mat, Level and Pattern. BARRELS 70 traditional exercises viewed by Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Foot Corrector, Level and Pattern. Ladder Barrel includes Ballet Stretches and Short Box Series. Plus, 12 improv stretches. Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Pattern: Flexion, Extension, Rotation and Torsion SPRINGS ONLY 24 exercises in the sequence from original film of Joseph Pilates. 17 of the 24 are standing arm spring exercises good for doing off the end of a Cadillac or a Springboard. PEDIPUL 8 exercises from the original photos by Joseph Pilates. Side bending, Flexion Extension, Rotation, Reverse Rotation, Knee Bending Circles Side to Front, Knee Bending Circles Front to Side, Knee Bent Circles, Knee Bent Reverse Circles (Download App to see 30 more apps not listed above.)


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