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Milan K, Volume 1

A digital comic by Ave!Comics. Being the son of a Russian billionaire may be the worst thing ever. The proof comes in the form of the new adventure and ...

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A digital comic by Ave!Comics. Being the son of a Russian billionaire may be the worst thing ever. The proof comes in the form of the new adventure and action series, Milan K, from Les Humanoïdes Associés and produced by Ave!Comics Production. It tells the story of how Michka Khodorov’s life as the young heir to a Russian oligarch is turned upside down when his father is arrested on the orders of the Russian President. It’s the end of his life in the most private and protected Swiss boarding school in the world. Michka will become a fragile fugitive, hunted by one of the world's most powerful nations. Directly inspired by the life of the Russian oligarch Mikhaïl Khodorkovski, who’s still paying today for his opposition to Vladimir Putin, Milan K is a new series created by an American journalist writing under the name of Sam Timel, and the elegant design of promising artist Corentin – who’s barely 24 but already acclaimed by François Boucq. Released simultaneously in bookstores and digitally, Milan K is highly recommended. Don’t miss it! A comfortable and dynamic reading experience with picture quality that will impress. With Ave!Comics, reading on the go is '100% pleasure' at any time, anywhere. Milan K #1 - PREVIEW by Corentin and Sam Timel (C) Les Humanoides Associés 7 pages of preview | Color The COMPLETE graphic novel is also AVAILABLE ON THE APPSTORE with the following characteristics : 57 pages | 310+ panels | Color French only ✧ Corentin, aged 24, has grown up in the world of comic books (he’s the son of Michel Rouge, designer amongst other things of the Blueberry series, whose latest album, Le Samaritain, was released in January by Les Humanoïdes Associés). Coached on Milan K by François Boucq (designer of the famous series Bouncer from Humanoïdes Associés), he is considered by his peers as the most promising of the young French realist designers. ✧ Sam Timel is the pseudonym of an American journalist who’s entered the world of comic books for the first time. PLEASE NOTE : The text is in French only (for now). ABOUT THE AVE!COMICS GRAPHIC NOVEL READER The Ave!Comics reader uses a new format, named AVE, to describe a digital comic or graphic novel. This rich format allows the creation of digital paths through the original art, combining animations, transitions, automatic zooms to ensure the best reading experience on a variety of handheld devices. This version of the reader is specifically designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. More information on Ave!Comics can be found on ave-comics.com Features include: - animated digital version of the complete comic book - A revolutionary reading experience using kinematics that create an animated path through the stories. - Exploration mode to dive into each panel, zoom and pan. - Easy and intuitive navigation between pages and panels. - Full support for multi-touch, swipe, landscape mode. - page mode to display the original layout of the comic book


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 5.74 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Ave!Comics Production

Day of release: 2009-09-19

Recommended age: 12+

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