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Military Civilian Alarm Clock HD

This is one and only kind of alarm clock app where you can choose between military theme or Happy Scenic Hippie theme. Get amazed by beautiful pics. ************************************* ...

Discontinued App

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This is one and only kind of alarm clock app where you can choose between military theme or Happy Scenic Hippie theme. Get amazed by beautiful pics. ************************************* FEATURES ************************************* * ABSOLUTELY NO ADS. Enough said. * Choose Military Themed clock/weather OR Hippie/Civilian themed clock/weather * 130+ military and civilian alarm ringers * 1000+ gorgeous pictures * All pics are retina enabled i.e. MAX image resolution of 1024x768 * Snooze button to hear ringer every 5 min * Hear two drill sergeant yell when you hit snooze. (Available in military theme) * Preview and hear alarm sounds before setting them * Select multiple pictures and they do a beautiful slideshow with 6 sec interval * See 4 day 100% accurate forecast * Set your own music * Set your own city/zip code * Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit mode * Get an alarm notification even when app is not running. ***************************************** SOME OF THE SOUNDS IN MILITARY PACK: Adjutants Call Air Force - Choral Air Force Song Anchors Away Armed Forces Medley Army Cadence - Men At War Army Cadence - Rock Steady Army National Guard march and chant Army Rangers - Black Cat Army Rangers - Cadence Army Rangers - Get Up Army Rangers - Here Comes Ranger Over the Hill Army Rangers - R-A-N-G-E-R Army Rangers - Silver Wings Upon My Chest Army Rangers - Special Forces Halo School Army Rangers - Up in the MORNING Army Rangers - When I Go to Heaven Army Rangers - When My Girl was 21 Army Rangers - When that Left Foot Hits the Ground Army Special Forces - Get Up Assembly Ground Proximity Warning Guard Mounting Invercargill Mail Call Mess Call Missile Jettison Morse Code Navy Seal Cadence - howd ya earn your livin Navy Seals - Got A Letter In the Mail Navy Seals - Shot Rang Out in the Middle of the Night Navy Seals - Sons of UDT Navy Seals - Superman Navy Seals - Wake Up Navy Seals I Don't Know What I've Been Told Navy Seals I Don't Want To Be A Green Beret Retreat Reveille Running Cadences - Mother of America Star Spangled Banner Stars And Stripes Taps USMC Cadence - Aint No Use in Looking Down USMC Cadence - Born in the Woods USMC Cadence - Come and Run USMC Cadence - I Love Workin for Uncle Sam USMC Cadence - I used to drive a Cadillac USMC Cadence - I Used To Sit At Home All Day USMC Cadence - Mama Cant you see USMC Cadence - Mile ten lets do it again USMC Cadence - Navy Im in Doubt USMC Cadence - Nightmares Vintage Ground Proximity Warning War Sounds Graphic 1 War Sounds Graphic 2


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Version: 3.2

Size: 456.53 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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