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Miller Heiman Strategic Selling®

Miller Heiman`s Strategic Selling® is the gold standard when it comes to improving the odds of winning complex sales opportunities. By providing ...

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Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling® is the gold standard when it comes to improving the odds of winning complex sales opportunities. By providing visibility into the sales opportunities, you will be equipped to evaluate your competitive position, address the business and personal motives of each decision maker in the customer’s organization, and differentiate your company by leveraging your unique strengths. Strategic Selling® provides visibility into sales opportunities, documenting plans with the program’s Blue Sheet. Enables field sales to: •Identify and position solutions with the true decision makers. •Analyze each decision maker’s receptivity to change to determine whether a sale is possible. •Close business consistently from quarter to quarter and avoid the “roller coaster” pattern of sales. •Allocate limited selling time on quality prospects. Enables sales management and senior leadership to: •Employ a common language to discuss the status of sales opportunities and establish next steps. •Quickly identify opportunities that are worth the investment of limited resources. •Collect and share best practices from top performers with the rest of the sales team. Strategic Selling®’s Blue Sheet is fully integrated into your organization’s CRM systems through our software, Sales Access ManagerSM, and it is compatible with any CRM system in the market today. Sales Access ManagerSM makes tapping into the power of Miller Heiman’s planning tools easy, accelerating the adoption of concepts and implementation of the program’s processes. The Miller Heiman Strategic Selling® app is exclusively for Strategic Selling® verified alumni with a current Sales Access ManagerSM license. Currently the app provides the Strategic Selling® Blue Sheet to alumni with a current Sales Access ManagerSM license. About Miller Heiman Miller Heiman is the proven leader and innovator in sales execution with more than 30 years of helping businesses grow profitable sales by increasing their close rates, lowering the cost of sales and reducing the length of the sales cycle. The company’s common framework of easily repeatable methodologies, combined with a tradition of research and thought leadership, helps firms of all sizes win complex sales. Miller Heiman is a worldwide leader in sales performance with programs in 20 languages and corporate offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.


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