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Brief introduction of this book 《Buying a New Bed》is the fourth lesson of the serial of Understand Money, with the topic of “Monetary Unit”. ...

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Brief introduction of this book 《Buying a New Bed》is the fourth lesson of the serial of Understand Money, with the topic of “Monetary Unit”. From this lesson, children will know the monetary unit, and generally understand the denominations of currency, which enable them to purchase with varies combination of currency’s denominations. About the Textbook FQ KIDS is a cartoon animation book aims at teaching children the general economic concepts. There are 5 serials, with 6 themes and 30 textbooks. Every individual book has got a stimulating story, from which children can understand the basic knowledge and raise the awareness of the money management, so as to develop the right attitudes towards money, consumption, the world and the life. Besides stimulating stories, FQ KIDS has got a FQ classroom section, from which children are able to learn economic knowledge as simple and profound as learn from the expert in person. Features of the course From the 5 serials step by step, children will develop 5 right views that are as following: Value of money As for kids who are curious about the money system, it is necessary to let them understand the forming of money, their own demands, the difference between want and need, how barter differs from purchasing, and the basic understanding of money itself, in order to develop the right value towards money. Consumption View With the improvement of the living standard, kids are now facing the temptation to overspend, so it’s vital to help them developing reasonable consumption habits, and the ability to deal with the material desire. Those are accessible by learning the goods’ prices, wise ways to purchase, various payments, awareness of saving, as well as developing the right consumption view at their early ages. Value of Money Rather than helping kids to accomplish their goals by promising give them money or gifts, parents should help them to gradually develop the habits of keeping account and putting money aside. The basic understand of banking, insurance and investment which are related to money enables kids develop the right value of money. World Value Both kids and adults are living in a society that develops fast. Thus, understanding the concept of enterprise, the origin of trade, functions of taxes, as well as basic economic activities and traders’ management of companies, helps kids to know the world and to develop the basic world value. View of life Making fortune has more to do with the managing of money, rather than making it. To lead a high standard of living, time management is vital, too. Children are likely to improve themselves by setting goals, as well caring other people and things around, so as to develop the right value of life.


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