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Mindspoon prepares you for the text-based questions on the IBCLC exam with a unique and portable approach to learning about lactation consultant practice. ...

Discontinued App


Mindspoon prepares you for the text-based questions on the IBCLC exam with a unique and portable approach to learning about lactation consultant practice. Instead of flash cards, test yourself with 101 carefully crafted questions and learn from the rich explanations that come with every answer, right or wrong. Mindspoon gives you more than 700 hundred helpful explanations! More than that, each question in Mindspoon is randomized so you'll almost never see the exact same question twice. Each question has a combination of possible multiple wordings, multiple right answers, many possible wrong answers, and secret variations that keep you on your toes. There's always something new to learn from Mindspoon. The IBCLC Exam is the official certification examination to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Mindspoon - IBCLC Exam Prep includes hundreds of text-based questions covering all the following topics: - Anatomy - Physiology & Endocrinology - Nutrition & Biochemistry - Immunology & Infectious Diseases - Pathology - Pharmacology & Toxicology - Psychology, Sociology, & Anthropology - Growth Parameters & Developmental Milestones - Interpretation of Research - Ethical & Legal Issues - Breastfeeding Equipment & Technology - Techniques - Public Health Features in Mindspoon include: - All IBLCE Exam Blueprint areas covered with 100 text-based questions and thousands of possible question variants. - Full explanations for every answer, right and wrong. Learn more by reading our pointed feedback for every answer with every question. - Study mode: endless questions in the topic area(s) of your choice. - Quiz mode: 5 or 20 question quizzes in your chosen topic area(s). - Complete IBCLC Practice Exams. Each practice exam is unique! Take as many practice exams as you can to prepare, and learn more from the feedback available for every possible answer. See if you can score high enough to pass the real IBCLC exam! - Progress statistics: Review your previous quiz and practice exam scores and track your progress in each IBCLC Exam Topic area to see how you're improving as you study with Mindspoon. Mindspoon questions are created and edited by lactation professionals from diverse environments including: La Leche League leadership, WIC peer educator experience, private practice IBCLC work, and RN IBCLC hospital-based work. We craft questions to teach you the material - not to trick you. Our goal is to provide the best possible tool for studying the complex material needed to pass the text-based questions on the IBCLC exam. Look for future editions of the app with image-based practice questions. Use Mindspoon and visit our support page to give us suggestions on how to improve it and make it the best possible value in IBCLC exam study aids.


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