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MiniBooks Lite for FreshBooks

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Discontinued App


Follow us on TWITTER (http://twitter.com/groovysquared) for updates and announcements! Check out our brand new FAQ (http://www.groovysquared.com/minibooks/faq/) for answers to the most common questions. -- MiniBooks Lite puts the popular web invoicing software FreshBooks in the palm of your hand. Manage your clients, send invoices, run timers, and record payments, all while on the go. Plus, MiniBooks Lite fully synchronizes with your FreshBooks account, so you have access to your account even when you're off the grid. If you like MiniBooks Lite, check out the premium version, MiniBooks. After upgrading, you'll gain access to your full set of clients (the lite version is limited to 3 clients). Client Management - Create and edit clients. - Search for clients and contact them from the application (via the standard Phone and Mail applications). Invoice Management - Create, edit, and send invoices. - Preview your invoice with a specially-formatted template optimized for the iPhone display. - Search by client, invoice number, and invoice status (draft, sent, paid, etc.). - Create and edit payments. Estimate Management - Create, edit, and send estimates. - Search by client, estimate number, and estimate status (draft, sent, invoiced, etc.). - Convert estimates to invoices effortlessly. Expense Management - Create and edit expenses. Time Tracking - Create a timer with the tap of a button and be on your way (no need to enter timer details until you're ready to submit). - Manage multiple timers simultaneously. - Timers keep running even after you've quit the app. Convenience - Don't have a network connection? No problem. Full synchronization with your FreshBooks account gives you access to your data on-or-offline. IMPORTANT: This application REQUIRES a FreshBooks account. Sign up for a free (limited to 3 clients) account at http://www.freshbooks.com Groovy Squared is not affiliated with FreshBooks.com. -- "Fantastic app: great interface. Dare I say it, better than the FreshBooks online interface." - LeftBrain.it "I love the app and have recommended it to two friends ... the interface is superb too, really nice to use." - Phil "I just purchased MiniBooks for my iPhone and I just have to say wow, you guys did a great job on this app. It looks and runs great." - Greg -- Credit to Glyphish (http://www.glyphish.com) for their wonderful tab bar icons


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.6

Size: 1.41 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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